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With over 51k plays on Soundcloud after being out for just 2 months, ‘Gucci Shoes’ by Polo Hayes is blowing up on Long Island and beyond right now and I’m predicting this regional hit could make waves nationally soon because its’ just that good and that unique. The artist and song are riding a big wave of momentum right now with the track going from 20k plays to well over 50k in a matter of just a few weeks. Polo is one of the most dynamic and creative artists to come out of Long Island and is garnering considerable buzz right now. Polo comes out firing on all cylinders with these two ridiculous lines in the first verse…

“They don’t want me in the Benzes, with Versace lenses…none of my niggas got pensions, I ain’t never learn my lesson, my AK need extensions, bullets the same size as wrenches”.

“They don’t want me in that ‘Rari, sh*ttin on em never sorry, I know people want to harm me, but they don’t want it with the army.”

He has a very unique, instantly recognizable voice and a real knack for making a catchy hook on almost all his songs. I love the hook/opener here, ‘All I wanted was a foreign coop, South Beach good morning view, tryna stay up out an orange suit, all I wanted was some Gucci shoes.’ I once bought a pair of Gucci loafers at a Macy’s on Long Island and swore I’d never do that again, but I’ll be damned if this track isn’t tempting me into getting the same ones that Polo is waxing poetic about in the song.

Aside from spitting bars and singing great hooks, Polo also is involved in production and has produced songs for other artists, and also is affiliated with his group YGRF (Yung Grust Rich Fam) based out of Central Islip/Brentwood, the same rough and tumble area of Long Island’s Suffolk County that previously covered artists like 100 Clay and Z$tat$ (also associated with YGRF) also call home. This part of Long Island is really turning into a small but burgeoning scene for new authentic rap.Rumor has it that a video is in the works for this growing hit as well, so keep an eye out for that, I’ll certainly be posting it here when it debuts, and also be sure to check out his Soundcloud here which has a lot of other good material for it. My favorite thus far might be ‘Nighttime‘ which easily made the cut as another one of my top 10 songs for April 2017. (I’m planning on doing a full post for Nighttime tomorrow).

Polo is definitely going places and I’m intrigued to see what he comes out with next.

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