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I usually wouldn’t dedicate a post to a song like ‘I’m the One’ which already has millions of views in its first day out, but I have to admit, the wild combination of  artists and the wave of hype that DJ Khaled created for it by talking about ‘history in the making’ was intriguing to me. With the amount of anticipation that had been built up on social media for the song’s release, it would have almost been impossible to live up to the hype, but honestly I have to give these guys credit because it comes close. The song actually did end up being pretty good and I really liked the beat and the chorus which were both really catchy and infectious. Admittedly it’s not a very bold prediction given the star power involved, but I have a feeling that even beyond the borders of rap music this will be ‘the song of the summer’ for pop music general.

As good as the song is, my favorite part really may be the intro and the ridiculous phone call that DJ Khaled makes to Chance the Rapper. All I can really say about this one is that I can only dream of one day being in a position where someone calls me to invite me to their lush tropical villa in order to ‘do them the biggest favor’ and engage in the important business of ‘celebrating life, success, and blessings.’

Also, I may be overanalyzing here, but did anyone notice the low-key power move by Khaled that he tells Chance the Rapper to ‘do him the biggest favor, no do yourself the biggest favor’ and call Bieber, Quavo, and Wayne to tell them to come down to his mansion to celebrate these blessings, rather than just calling them himself? Almost as if Chance is some sort of high-paid secretary or personal assistant?

Also, note the strong equine vibes in this video as it looks like Khaled has a veritable stable of sorts that his luscious ladies from the video ride around on, and Chance the Rapper is also wearing an eccentric hoodie with a horse graphic on it.

How about Quavo’s skyrocketing rise to superstardom? I remember about five years ago first hearing of this strange new group called ‘Migos’ and seeing them in their video for ‘Bando’, and now Quavo is in this song which is bound to be a #1 hit, ‘Slide’ by Calvin Harris, ‘Good Drank’ by 2 Chainz and more, plus having ‘Bad and Boujee’ hit number one on the Billboard charts. He’s seemingly becoming the new ‘go to guy’ for rap hooks in pop songs, not to mention also recently rubbing elbows with Ellen Degeneres?!

Between this song and doing commercials for Turbo Tax and Silk soy milk, I feel like Khaled is really at the top of his game right now. He really just used sheer willpower and determination to be a star into actually becoming a star, and became one of the biggest names in rap and even beyond rap just by creating his own image/vision of being a star and being persistent about it. At this point, I’m not even sure what the next step for Khaled is but I can almost picture him getting to the point where he becomes a household name even with the white middle-aged housewives of America, the sky is the limit.

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