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Z$tat$ is an up and coming young artist out of Central Islip (known affectionately as “C.I.” to locals) in Suffolk County on Long Island. Those not from the area or not in the know may think of Long Island as a rap ‘no man’s land’ full of yachts and golf courses but there’s a lot more to it than that – C.I. in particular has a burgeoning rap scene with a lot of talented artists and exciting work going on beneath the surface, and it’s a lot different than the image of Long Island you probably have in your head. It has its own vibe and style and you’ll be seeing a lot more about the local scene here on this site and beyond in the days and weeks to come.

Here, Z$tat$ hits us with a couple of smooth verses plus a bold and memorable chorus over a classic, saxophone-infused beat that makes you think of rap from days gone by, but puts his own modern take on it. He’s a young artist whose simultaneously part of the current scene in terms of style but you can tell he also has an appreciation for/has been influenced by the classic New York rap sound.  He’s equally at home and adept on a Playboy Carti style song or beat as he is with a Jadakiss one.

“Being broke turned me to a demon/for the money I was steady scheming/robbin niggas it was hunting season… we was ready for the warfare/now we up and we ain’t playing fair.”

“Chasing hoes you should be chasing money/bank rolls and its full of hundreds”

Z$tat$, the other members of his YRGF crew that he’s affiliated with, and some of the other prominent members of the Suffolk/Central Islip scene have plenty of other quality work out in the streets now plus even more in reserve and in the works so keep checking back for new updates and new tracks.