I just came out and dumped the whole nine


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Job Pablo ft. Jaiswan x Juicester – Know Sumn

Had to go back and post this one from this winter because I’ve been bumping it for a couple of months while I haven’t been on here.

Milwaukee linking up with 6 Mile/Chedda Grove’s Jaiswan who is more often found doing hooks with Cash Kidd.

“Threw the flash on the .45, this little light of mine”

I love the whole crew rapping along with Joe Pablo when he comes in and then singing with him “I ain’t seen the sun in a long time, I came out the house and dumped the whole 9”

P.S. Juicester has one of the best voices in the rap game right now

They say I rap a little different when this pain in me


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MarijuanaXO x Joe Pablo x Big Haulin x Trapbaby – Folks N Em

Trapbaby is a problem

Joe Pablo: “They don’t tell you in that car sh*t’ll get real, deep in the water with that pig but his lips sealed, whatever happen I’ma ride like a Big Wheel, Broadway the hard way we a big deal, mama said I got a hard head but my chin steel”

I’m feeling the matching Bape jackets and Pablo finishing Marijuana’s last line “My brothers know I’ve got them I don’t gotta say it, and you know it’s all there he ain’t gotta weigh it” these guys take brotherhood seriously

Only thing that’s missing here is some Juicester

I’m finna bring another white b*tch to the group home


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MarijuanaXo x Joe Pablo x Big Haulin x Trapbaby – Opp Dropper

“I’m finna bring another white b*tch to the grooouup home”

“whoever knew that it would come to this, I’m stretching grams I done came this far, I grew up in the trenches know I’m grinding so hard, hot rocks and cellophane paper at the park”

Job Pablo already had these autotune hooks on lock for my favorite crew but then you add Trapbaby into the mix and these Milwaukee bucks are evolving into the best clique in the rap game

With these Crackin Ass Phones I’ll Pay my Brother’s Bail


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MarijuanaXO x SME TaxFree – Popeyes


It’s been a minute since I got on here but I feel COMPELLED to log on and post some of the Milwaukee fire I haven’t posted in the last two months.

Here’s MarijuanaXO linking up with SME TaxFree in a collaboration that was bound to happen eventually.

MarijuanaXO and Joe Pablo are all about their brothers and it looks like TaxFree is “This that new North Face Gucci not Disney, and when we go to war just know my brothers coming with me.”

“These niggas cheap as a bitch they ain’t getting to it, and I won’t let a nigga sleep if we get into it”

I love when they start trading off lines and it finishes super strong “By my self saying prayers to the trap gods, with these bammin ass phones I can beat the odds, with these crackin ass phones I’ll pay my brother’s bail, Pop called me for a yeen told him meet me at the Shell”

They Paved Paradise Put a Parking Lot Up


DJ Lucas – Comfort of My Car

When Hotbox Social highlighted this as his top song of 2021, I was a little skeptical, which was my first mistake, because Hotbox Social is the man.

I actually had no idea what to expect going in but was thinking maybe some sort of slowed down, chilled out H-Town car rap. I could not have been more wrong. It took me a listen or two to get my head around it and it’s a little outside my wheelhouse but I came around to it and this is super dope. I always found the mainstream media’s obsession with comparing guys like Juice Wrld or Playboi Carti to pop punk but I think this would be an example of that comparison done well.

I’m not sure how it makes Hotbox feel relaxed because this beat is super frantic and has me kind of hyped up but it’s fire. And Lucas is more than just a DJ he spits some fire here.

“Doing things on a way different level, used to wrestle with my demons now I’m dancing with the devil.”

“Theyre gonna tell you that they love you then give you nothing for your art”

I’ve delved deeper and realized that this whole Big Bleep Music Vol. 5 album has some gems on it and the Dirty Designer project with Papo2004 and Subjxct 5 (Both of who I had never heard of before this but who I need to check out more) was fire too. This guy had quite a year of output!

I think this is the first time I’ve ever posted an artist from Mass here but this has me in the mood to cop a Patriots hoodie or maybe a Bruins jersey and drink some Dunkin Donuts coffee out of a cup while using a second cup for insulation

East Side We Gon Get it Off Them Dope Phones


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MarijuanaXO x Young Fayne x Buck Gotti – Rex

More from my new favorite crew this time it’s MarijuanaXO without Joe Pablo or Juicester but with two of his henchmen Young Fayne and Buck Gotti.

This beat slaps hard. I’m feeling the skeleton hoodie and the hat with all the MLB teams.

“Catch us shining in the club like a chandalier. Touch a diamond on these chains get you out of here.” (I love the dismissive finger point at “get you out of here”)


Junkies Pulling My Coattails


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Joe Pablo & Juicester – Dirty Blender

More fire from my new favorite crew. This time Juicester subs in for MarijuanaXO and crushes it.

I’m about this multiple Rollie life (although I can’t necessarily pull it off let alone afford it myself) and this Cartis everywhere life

This beat slaps hard and Broad Day Blo crooning over it gives it that blockbuster feel

“Dope so good junkies pulling my coattails”

“Boy and girl go together like a hammer and a nail”

“Riding round hot with a dirty blender, every rich nigga fell in love with a dirty spender”

“Bought a book cause I never had one, I can teach you how to read I’m on the last page”

And Juicester leaves you with some valuable life advice here as well “Life’s way too valuable to play it dumb.” This whole track has me hyped up to go out and make some money.

Phone call at the end has me hyped up too “WE ALL COMING HOME”

If It’s Wrong, then I’ve Got to Make it Right for My Brothers


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Marijuana XO x Pablo Joe – My Brother

Cartis everywhere.

This new team out of Milwaukee Joe Pablo/MarijuanaXO is coming out with some serious heat.

Love the verses, great message, and the beat slaps. This goes super hard.

Love the whole crew yelling along with the “If you got half, I got half, we can split whatever, and if you got it then I got it we in this shit forever” part

MarijuanaXO bodies this verse – “I promise to do right by my brothers. If the police hit the lights I can’t stop there’s too much in this car cause I’ll do life for my brothers. If it’s wrong then I’ve gotta make it right for my brothers.”

I think in 2022 I finally need to get some buffs. That Nipsey varsity jacket is fire too.

MarijuanaXO and Joe Pablo’s new project Window Service just came out

Top 30+ Songs of 2021

Only 30 this year, I have to get back on my game next year. Another lap around the sun. Wishing you all a healthy and prosperous 2022. RIP Big Wan.

Top 30 Songs 2021

Cash Click Boog – Mess Flo
Navy Blue – Ritual
Kanye West ft. Jay Electronica, Larry Hoover Jr. – Jesus Lord
Navy Blue – My Whole Life
Playboi Carti – Athena freestyle
Peezy – Build a Bear
Tory Lanez – 87 Stingray
Fivio Foreign – Trust
Marijuana XO ft. Joe Pablo – My Brother
22Gz – Fallen Blixkys
Mach-Hommy – The 26th Letter
Kanye West ft. Jay Z – Jail
Mach-Hommy – Makrel Jaxon
Baby Keem ft. Kendrick Lamar – Family Ties
Nicky 900 x Muski x Bird2Four – Since a Youngin
Benny the Butcher – Flood the Block
Rio da Yung OG – My Story
Kanye West ft. Fivio Foreign, Playboi Carti – Off the Grid
Pop Smoke ft. Rah Swish – Brush Em
Rick Ross ft. Blxst – Made it Out Alive
Kodak Black – Z Look Jamaican
Cash Kidd – IDK freestyle
Cash Click Boog – Money Power Respect freestyle
Cash Click Boog – Free Rio Flow
Rio da Yung OG ft. Peezy – Ghetto Free
Cash Click Boog – Lemon Pepper freestyle
Joe Pablo & Juicester – Dirty Blender
Max B – 75 in the Can
Big Wan ft. Lil Trav – Designer Drugs
Slick – Office G Mix
Hellboy Rodd – Fuck the Rara
Nuk – Social Distanxe