In the Crib it Ain’t Shit but Money Counters Beeping


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Cashclick Boog – Mess Flo

I’m a little late on this but damn this is some serious heat from Cash Click Boog, maybe the best artist in the game. Shout out to Ray Garraty for carrying the Cash Click Boog torch while I’ve been slacking.

This production is super harsh and perfect for Boog to break out his Mess Flo on. This might be my nominee for hardest track of 2021 so far almost halfway through it.

“In the crib it ain’t shit but money counters beeping, in my Canadian Goose it’s money counting season. Dilla said bro it’s time to move out your region, but I’m proteting my house – on the south we beefing” I love the idea of Boog just chilling in his house, wearing a Canadian goose in the air conditioner, while it’s dead silent aside from multiple money counters counting up

“Every gun I buy plastic, I got something against metal. The last nigga I dropped, he had something against Redbull, sent some niggas up top for the love of my ghetto” I love the casual imagery of that Boog dropped him because he had something against Redbull, not even anything specific.

“Walked right up in the rap game, the door was open”

“Supreme hoodie off the Bread 11s the retros, squeeze everything out the mac 11 and let go, the only way out this shit is death or Death Row, I know the gang don’t love me I’m still banging the set though

Wheres Your Mama At, She Owe Me Money


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Nicky 900 x Muski x Bird2Four – Since a Youngin

Nice melodic little hook here from Stockton’s Nicky 900. (This dude also had one of my favorite songs/hooks of 2016 before I started this site). Great beat from Zoran too. This is that chill, laid-back Cali slap-core that you can still knock on doors and collect money to. Nice touch with the Stockton Ports hat.

Only I Can Stop the Rain



DMX – Slippin (1998)

Rest in power Dark Man X. The soul of a true modern day poet. “To live is to suffer. To survive is to find meaning in the suffering.”

This isn’t the type of paint by numbers hit from the record label you can just throw together in the studio, this is the oddyssey of someone who has been down a long road in life putting pen to paper and turning their experiences into a true work of art. Slippin hits harder than almost any other song that comes to mind, ‘How We Be’ was ‘concept’ music that a poet laureate could spend their whole career trying to create and then of course bangers like Where the Hood At or Ruff Ryders Anthem are classics that could get any party, with a huge array of ages and demographics started, or actually not just started but also particularly out of hand. DMX was the troubled but resilient soul of a wandering poet, truly a modern day master of his craft and artistic genius.

RIP to a real one.

Lil Boog Ain’t Even 9 and he the Prince of the City



Cash Click Boog – Money Power Respect

Boog came through and knocked down the buildings over the beat from this Lox/Lil Kim/DMX classic. Boog was one of my favorite artists of 2019, released a couple of dope songs (i.e. Come Back) but was a little quiter in 2020, but is starting 2021 off with a bang. This is the hardest song of 2021 so far in my opinion.

“We on your back better watch your front, or have them niggas at your crib with them chops in front”

“Little nigga manufacturing crack, I quit school just to learn to dismantle a mack”



“Lil Boog aint even 9 and he the prince of the city, this bitch ain’t even mine and she leaving here with me, did the off white Js cause they clean with the Dickies, in the Rari up in Harlem be in Queens in a Jiffy, everybody get a plate you gon eat if you’re with me”

Another thing I love about Boog and the way he raps/his flow is the casual disdain, almost like he’s disappointed in you if you don’t believe him/aren’t feeling what he’s saying

I’m feeling that icey Supreme shirt. Is Boog filming this in New York?? Note the Yankees hat, the Lox beat, and also the line about going from Harlem to Queens in a jiffy hmm

Happy Ash Wednesday Yall – All Hail the Chiefs



79rs Gang – 79rs Bout to Blow

This should really read happy Fat Tuesday but I was too late to post yesterday – actually not only am I a day late, I am an entire YEAR late because I missed this 79ers Gang wave that The Martorialist AND Crimedawgbylaw both generously tried to make me aware of last year. I even read Martorialist’s post on it and we may never know why but for whatever reason I never clicked the play button – arguably one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made to date because this is a legit Mardi Gras choon and a half.

Fast forward in time and I see Crimedawg has it as his #6 song for 2020 and it was high on Martorialist’s list as well so I decided I needed to finally go back in time and see what I was missing. All I can say is that this is fire and without much else going on and lockdowns and bleak weather persisting, what a perfect way to celebrate Fat Tuesday and Mardi Gras, just imagining I’m marching through the 7th and 9th with Big Chief Jermaine and Big Chief Romeo. I’m loving the beat with the live instruments, the hook goes, first verse is fire, second verse is fire, and you know what – I’m also loving the positive subject matter.

“I’m a young big G from down in New Orleans, and I be ringing them drums and them tambourines, I use needle and thread to sew my soul, on the Mardi Gras morning I be all brand new”

“I’ma rep the 9th ward til I’m six feet deep, but I be repping 79ers when I’m running the streets”

I can absolutely relate to Big Chief Jermane walking around the neighborhood and musing “Walk around the 7th ward got a lot on my mind, got a lot of stuff to do but I ain’t got time.”

We Don’t Knock We Shoot through the Door


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Fivio Foreign – Trust

Sorry to leave you all for so long, I’ve been super lazy about posting lately and have had a lot of my attention tied up with a lot going on (mostly good things dont worry). I’m back in the saddle now, didn’t realize I hadn’t posted in almost 6 weeks, probably the longest I’ve ever went without a post! I also just celebrated my 34th birthday this week, where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday I was a youngster listening to Dipset, Max B, Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka Flame for the first time and that was probably about 15 years ago now. Still have to post my January list although it will be shorter than usual.

Haters will say that Fivio raps in bullet points… does it really matter when the bullet points are all fire? Fivio really is the king of New York right now, and has been since last spring in my opinion (although he mentions in the first verse here that he could care less about who holds this title). This AXL beat has me ready to go to war and I’m a nerd.

This first verse/hook is flames… one of the hardest I’ve heard Fivio go… they may be bullet points but he’s turning the bullets into an art form, and as far as I’m concerned that’s called being an innovator…

Everybody on the floor
We don’t knock we shoot through the door
We give a fuck who the king of New York
I say what I mean when I talk
the hood ain’t showing no remorse
gun fights in the hall
bullets going through the walls
My niggas cripping for a cause”

P.S. I grew up as a Mets fan but I kind of want that blue and green Yankees hat Fivio’s boy is wearing at 0:49, so hard

Top Songs December 2020

A little late here since I kind of forgot about a list of top songs for the month of December since I posted my top 50 songs of the year in December, but better late than never and don’t want to forget about these bangers here.

Hellboy Rodd – HellsWorld (2019)
Nuk x Mo Money x Lil Mello – Go (2020)
Cash Kidd – Camera Roll (2020)
Nuk – RM 3801 (2020)
Cash Kidd ft. ReubGangDav, MellyvsMel, Lil Kenwood – Had To (2020)

Hellboy Rodd – HellsWorld

This HellsWorld video is from 2019, and the summer of 2019 at that, but I wanted to post it/write about it anyway since I just found it recently and since I’m feeling it so much. As I wrote previously, Hellboy Rodd might be my new favorite rapper. Just when you think that the Detroit/Flint rap scene couldn’t get any deeper, I start listening to Hellboy Rodd and Nuk more than any of my previous favories for a couple of weeks on end. Rodd raps with a chip on his shoulder and this song/video is the ultimate example of that.

I like how he’s rapping angry; he can’t believe that you don’t think he really has this much money. He can’t believe you have the audacity to think he really doesn’t have these glocks. He’s literally indignant about it, and that he isn’t getting the attention/recognition he deserves yet, and rightfully so.

“Real recognize real, you ain’t gotta ask, money speaking for itself we ain’t gotta brag” he says as he angrily grips his two straps, which is actually refreshing to see because let’s be honest, these rappers happily flashing their straps in videos as part of their swagger is usually a mirage, usually you are angry when you need to. I’m feeling the urgent but somehow still casual flow he employs as he pummels this beat, and more than anything I’m just feeling the conviction that he raps with.

No reliance on flashy jewelery or designer man purses here, this is real hustle music from the heart of a soldier on their way climbing out of the trenches – “Fuck a Wraith little nigga I’m tryna drop a jet. Fuck a bussdown Rollie brother we tryna cop Pateks. I’m mad that I’m rapping about it but don’t got it yet. Pops was on drugs, momma died from a heart attack. Y’all niggas swear that you’re some shooters but don’t got a strap. This interstate treat me good I ain’t gotta rap. I’m popping three percs a day cause I gotta trap. I watched the junkies do the dog out the bottle cap. You little niggas hold your water you can’t bottle that. Them niggas popped my cuz you know we got em back.”

“Talking all that crazy shit like we won’t roll up. Me and Jalen back to back you know we poled up. We got 80 with us too you know we showed up. We put some gas in the whip now we gonna go nuts.”


I also love Rodd’s commitment to always pushing this demon/hellscape imagery, like the heavy metal devil hand you’d see a white metalhead from the 90s do at ‘It’s Hellboy Rodd we know who really got them Glocks” or the visual effect with the devil horns and his eyes blanked out at 2:30.

Awesome ad lib/body language to go along with “Final Destination shit, he won’t make the flight” BOOM

And lastly respect to Rodd for acknowledging that he knows Balenciagas are ugly but that he just wears them because the ladies like them – this is a true man of the people right here. And hell yeah I’m down with him rapping from the barber chair and the weight bench from his yard.

This is one of the most unique and interesting artists in the game right now and he’s rapping with a chip on his shoulder that he doesn’t have what he wants yet; in fact I feel like I have a chip on my shoulder that this video doesn’t have nearly as many views as it should.

P.S. is ‘purple like that Jewish shooter’ some sort of Joker reference? Lmao.

Nuk x Mo Money x Lil Mello – Go


You all know Nuk & Hellboy Rodd are my new favorite rappers; well this is Nuk and some of his young bols. Even more heat from Nuk – it’s the flow, the delivery, the charisma. It’s been a minute since I posted a female rapper but her flow is pretty cold, it’s a super grimey verse for a girl, and I’m kind of feeling that raspy voice.

Beat is SOOOOO fire

Where the hell did they get this camper from? Lol.

I’m down with this Big Godz movement

Happy New Year’s everyone

P.S. I guess I really should have put this on my top 50 songs of 2020 post but alas I didn’t start really bumping it until after I put the list together, so the thought of that happening will just have to exist in an alternate universe. C’est la vie

Cash Kidd – Camera Roll

Does anyone have more or better analogies for having spikes on his shoes than Cash Kidd? Just in this song – “Spikes on my shoes sharp like I’m walking on forks”, “Shoes got more spikes than a volleyball game”, not to mention “Shoes spikier than a pineapple” elsewhere on this album.

I love the “Niggas want to try to eat with me like the school dork” line, I can absolutely picture the dweeb in Cash Kidd’s high school trying to move to his lunch table. But Cash Kidd surprises you with his generosity – “But once I ate, I still passed out a few forks.” *SHRUGS*

Beat is fire and even my wife admitted that the hook is catchy.

Nuk – RM 3801

I mentioned in my Hellgodz post that Nuk and Hellboy Rodd are my two new favorite rappers that I’ve been bumping the most over the last month or so; here’s another banger from Nuk. Just when you thought Detroit couldn’t possibly get any deeper in terms of talent, they’re going deeper than the Lakers bench


P.S. Damjonboi on the production!

Cash Kidd ft. ReubGang Dav, Mellyvsmel, Lil Kenwood – Had To

Another highlight off of Cash Kidd’s ‘No Socks 2’.More on this album soon. Not even 100% sure what this long, slowly-building hook that takes up almost the whole song is saying but it’s really grown on me over time after a bunch of listens. Not even sure who is who here besides Cash Kidd but I’m feeling this one. Cash Kidd finally comes in at the end and as you would guess, rips.

I love Cash Kidd breaking out his singing voice more frequently and here breaking out the unexpectedly emo “We spin the whole city if niggas want us to, had to drop some shells on him he was overdue, no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get over you”

“Doing fraud I’ve been freeballing like no drawers”