No NBA but we got 2 K’s at the Park with it


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Bee Rich ft. Rio da Yung OG – Big Pape 

I’m not sure what it is but there’s just something about saying ‘big pape’ instead of ‘big paper’ that I went from dislking at first to now kind of loving just the sheer obnoxiousness of it.

Just more absolute nastiness from Rio da Yung OG and one of his many statesmen that he’s been pumping out features for non-stop.

“Alright, now it’s time for me to talk shit, chop take a chunk out of his leg, look like a shark bit it”

“Hit the tar with the fetty wap now it’s dark skin, no NBA but we got 2 K’s at the park with it”

“Ain’t no love in my body bitch I’m heartless, I ain’t worried about the opps them niggas harmless”

In related news of Rio features, Crimedawgbylaw posted another one of the many recent ones, “Ghetto Brothers” this one with Rio and the fantastically-named ‘Talibando’.

Top Songs December 2019

Yeah this feels unbelievably anticlimactic after not only my top 50 songs for 2019 and my rambling top songs of the decade list but I realized that because I had worked on those and they took so much time I never put up my top songs for the month of December. I’m not sure why I’m bothering to do it now 11 days into January 2020 but I don’t want to break the chain and I’m going to take a stab at doing a somewhat abbreviated version of it, hopefully without being too redundant.

Zelooperz ft. Earl Sweatshirt – Easter Sunday 97
YNW Melly – Adam Sandler
Rio da Yung OG – Shit Talkin’ Part 4
Griselda ft. 50 Cent – City on the Map
Yung Cat – Gangsta Shit
Black Eyed Peas ft. J. Balvin – Ritmo

Zelooperz ft. Earl Sweatshirt – Easter Sunday 97 

Probably my favorite song that I found reading other people’s end of year/best of 2019 lists, thanks to Rap Music Hysteria. I’m feeling everything about this one, from the beat, to the title to the video and just the overall vibe. Between Some Rap Songs, Feet of Clay, and features like this, Earl has quietly had quite the year and change.

YNW Melly – Adam Sandler 

YNW Melly stays releasing some heat from behind bars with ‘Adam Sandler’. Now I’m assuming he’s evoking this new, bossed up version of Adam Sandler i.e. here –

Image result for adam sandler uncut gems

as opposed to the previous, more typical sloppier Sandler that we’ve come to expect, before he glowed up…

Image result for adam sandler slob

The Martorialist pointed out last month that we could a spate of rappers named Buffalino and Tony Pro in the wake of the Irishman, is this going to be the month where we get a new rapper named Howard Rattner?

“I’m a real Blood, G-Shine, ain’t no bitch in me. I’m a real nigga ain’t no Lilo ain’t no Stich in me.”

Rio da Yung OG – Shit Talkin Pt. 4

Just more pure savagery from Mr. Consistency aka Rio da Yung OG. That “On Christmas we was getting shit we need, I didn’t want a coat” line hit hard. Anyone know what he said before that about ‘we didn’t have slice cheese we had (Focus Help?)’ I couldn’t quite make out what he was saying at the end there/and if it is Focus Help don’t know what he means.


Griselda ft. 50 Cent – City on the Map

I’m not a huge Griselda stan like some people so I’m not extensively familiar with all their work but I do like these guys especially Benny (I wish that they had given Benny a verse on this track) and I’ll check for their stuff, and it was nice to hear a new verse from the Godfather in 2019. I wasn’t sure what to expect since he hasn’t exactly been the most frequent rapper in recent years but he does a nice job here, kind of taking on a boss bad guy type role. “Chill, play it cool, til I come and get frostbit, let the D’s find the strap in the snow after I toss it.” I love the callousness and just casual disdain of ‘Let the D’s fine the strap in the snow after I toss it,” that’s trademark 50 right there. This isn’t something that I’ll put on every day but it’s nice east coast winter time type music for when you’re driving around with the heat on and wearing a hoodie with a hockey jersey over it or under your winter coat and some Timbs. (This song and the album as a whole).

Yung Cat – Gangsta Shit 

The official title ‘C-Bo presents Yung Cat (Fat Tone Jr.) – Gangsta Shit’ is a little too busy for my taste but regardless, like the big homie Martorialist said, it’s a “big, hooky Kansas City slapper.” Yung Cat just comes stomping through the Kansas City streets on this beat/hook. I’m not 100% sure what the deal with Yung Cat’s sloth shirt is but I’m kind of feeling it.

Black Eyed Peas ft. J. Balvin – Ritmo 

I’m not sure what this is from or why it’s also called ‘Bad Boys for Life’, and it seems like a blatant ripoff of the original ‘Rythm of the Night’ instead of just a sample, but you know what? It actually is supq1d`er catchy and gets people moving and my one and a half year old son goes wild every time it comes on and dances around the living room so I’m going to be honest and include it in my top songs for the month since it may be the most played song in my humble abode at the moment.

We are not the Same, I Bang Blood Gang


YNW Melly – Bang Bang

AAAHHHHHHHHH I had to pull my hands off the keyboard quick because my computer is too overheated from playing ‘Bang Bang’ and all these other scorchers off the Melly album.

There are a good four or even five highlights to choose from, but after many listens I’ve decided that in my opinion, Bang Bang is Melly’s magnum opus on Melly vs Melvin. 

Melly blesses us with what I would honestly say is an all-time great hook here. Only Melly could pull off using ‘I bang blood Gang’ and then mentioning ‘Stranger Things’ twice in the same hook. (P.S. Melly is talking a lot about being a blood on this album; maybe more so than on any mainstream record label release that I can think of; “Big blood, big blood shout out GD”, “I’m a real blood, G-Shine, ain’t no bitch in me”.) I don’t know much about the producer but according to Wikipedia it’s C-ClipBeatz and he made this the perfect backdrop for Melly’s warbling.

At this point, I think my five favorite Melly songs are Ingredients, Bang Bang, 100K, Waitin’ on You, and then either Robbery or Adam Sandler.


From the Beehive to the C-Hive



YNW Melly – 100K 

This beat is just so celebratory and glorious. THIS is function music! I can’t find any production credits for ‘100K’ anywhere but I would love to know who made it. If not for the lyrics/subject matter (and who knows who would even be listening anyway) I feel like this would not be out of place coming on at a wedding or baptism. If you didn’t know it was Melly you would almost guess that this is some sort of unreleased Young Thug gem from prime Thug.

I’m not sure if I’m feeling the “diarrhea/gonorea” rhyme scheme but the ‘pull up on a nigga, onomatopoeia’ that follows it does sound pretty dope and kind of makes up for it although I’m not quite sure what that would entail.

The more and more I listen to this Melly vs. Melvin album the more I’m feeling it. ‘We All Shine’ was one of mytop albums of 2019 with one of my all-time favorites with ‘Ingredients’,  but this might be an even better overall project top to bottom. It’s too bad it came out so late in the year that it missed a lot of the end of year lists and all that. I also feel like I have not heard much about this album and didn’t even know that it was coming out, compared to maybe a year prior when Melly was one of the most talked-about rappers but I guess that is just the nature of the hype and post-hype cycle that music lives in today; I’m paraphrasing Ray Garraty here in that people just treat music as mass consumerism or fast fashion now and gobble up what’s hot one day and then move on to the next trend and never check for the previous artist again. ‘Melly vs. Melvin’ Just filled with bangers on every track. I mentioned Adam Sandler the other day, I’ve been feeling 100K and giving this a ton of plays but my favorite of all might be ‘Bang ‘Bang‘ . And this isn’t even including the Juice WRLD and Glokk9ine features. In an era where albums have kind of become a throwaway or just a bunch of songs thrown together to get streams, this is actually a really well thought-out, carefully put-together, well-crafted album.

It Gets Chilly in the Trenches, I Need a Mozzy Hoodie



Mozzy – Big Homie from the Hood 

Damn I am feeling this one. This is exactly the type of song I have been wanting to hear from Mozzy. This is OG music. ‘Big Homie from the Hood’ is my favorite song by him since Bladahdah. He’s spitting some real knowledge and hard-earned reflections here about being the big homie and the burdens that come with it. This came out in December and I’m just hearing it now but I’m really thinking about going back and giving it a spot on my best of 2019 list.Video of just the local ballgame in his neighborhood is awesome (I love that the two teams in his hood are rocking Red Sox and Phillies gear) and the beat is perfect for this song; so soulful.

“Mama knew I’m hustling can’t say nothing about it, I’m putting food in his fridge and I ain’t ate nothing out it.”

“How you run me out the hood but I’m the one who run it? I’m the one who make sure auntie ‘n ’em don’t want for nothing. I’m the one that motivate ’em baby, ask the youngins, tell ’em re-up with the 20s, stack the hundreds.”

No Pat Sajak


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ShittyBoyz x Icewear Vezzo – Wheel of Fortune

ShittyBoyz link up with Icewear Vezzo to wish us all a Happy New Year, dropping this bright and early on January 1st 2020. It was only a matter of time before these two movers and shakers of different waves and generations of Detroit rap joined forces, and I have to say, Icewear does not sound out of place on this type of beat and he has no problem keeping up with the ShittyBoyz flow. (By the way, I can’t find my favorite Icewear song from back in the day anymore, I forget the name I just remember it was him rapping with a girl (or maybe even 2 girls?) and he said something about that he’s ‘Still repping Peezy at Sundance’ anyone know what that one was called?).

Lmao @ Stan Will “For all the grannies I jugged, I might burn in hell.” Stan Will actually kind of stole the show on Wheel of Fortune; “On the road for 30 days, and 30 nights, enough punches in this bitch to win 30 fights. Circled through an opp block we hit 30 rights, looking at my future like you staring up at 30 lights”, and “Money on the floor, I’m spinning hoes like it’s Wheel of Fortune, spikes on my toes you a crumb boy you still in Jordans. What you paid for your fit was my bill at Morton’s, even when I’m six feet deep bet I’m still important.”

Not sure who did this beat but it’s super cold.

Saying Goodbye to the 2010s: My Favorite Songs of the Decade, 2010 – 2019

I honestly just don’t have the mental capacity or stamina to post a comprehensive best songs of the decade list with 50-100 choices like many of you took on the heroic undertaking of doing, so this certainly isn’t an all-encompassing compendium of the decade but on the last day of the 2010s as I’m sitting here watching the decade wind down I wanted to at least just post a bunch of favorite songs off the top of my head from the past 10 years. I started with just a few and I’ve been hunkered down for a couple of hours taking a trip down memory lane as more and more old favorites came back to me.

Some of these most of you will probably know, but a lot of them are probably lesser-known ones that for whatever reason I loved at the time (or still love) and hope that by posting them here some people will get to hear them for the first time and that they won’t disappear into a memory. Some of them are just freestyles over other people’s beats but for whatever reason they spoke to me at the time and I felt like including them. It was hard to figure out how to rank songs from this year/last year versus ones that have stood the test of time for ten years but I gave it a shot.  So anyway here were my favorite songs of the decade, with Keef topping the chart for song of the decade (which is almost an impossible decision to make) and a whole bunch of others, and a few more appearances by Lil Rue and Jackie Chain than I had expected; looking back, both those dudes had some fucking fire at the beginning of the decade. And how about Lil Debbie, Edai, and maybe even Berner? Happy New Years to all.

Chief Keef – Citgo (2013)

Yung Skreww ft. Philty Rich, J. Stalin, TD, Yung Getta Dro – If I Wasn’t (2016) (Thank you to Crimedawgbylaw!)

1WayFrank ft. Kodak Black – Make it Happen (2014)

Chief Keef – Macaroni Time (2013)

Chief Keef – Save that Shit (2013)

Mozzy – Bladadah (2015)

Bloody Jay – Get it in Blood (2013)

Rick Ross ft. T-Pain, Kodak Black – Florida Boy (2018)

Dark Lo – 2Pac Music (2014)

Gunplay – Feel it in the Air freestyle (2015)

Big Fenc ft. Rio da Yung OG, Dink, Sid Dawg (2019)

Key Loom – Succa Free (2016)

Adrian Marcel ft. Sage the Gemini – 2AM  (2014)

OMB Shawniebo – 4 Minutes All Me (2017)

Berner & Young Dolph, Ampichino – Win Big (2017)

Rowdy Rebel – Fetty’s Song (It Was All a Dream (2016)

Albee Al – Realest in the Room (2015)

O.T. Genasis – Too Blessed (2018)

Shy Glizzy – Funeral (2014)

Kodak Black – Ran up a Check (2015)

Max B – Hold Yuh remix (2011)

Philthy Rich ft. Rexx Life Raj, ALLBLACK – Dope Boy (2018)

ALLBLACK ft. Kossisko – 304 (2019)

Tree – The King (2013)

CML – U Kno That (2019)

YNW Melly ft. Fredo Bang – Ingredients (2019)

Creek Boyz – With My Team (2017)

Waka Flocka Flame – Real Friends (2016)

Lil Rue – Push It (2010)

King Louie – Time (2013)

Jackie Chain – Hustlin’ International interlude (2011)

Cut ft. King Louie, Sasha Go Hard, I.L. Will, Asa, Mikey Dollaz, Money Millz – Gusto (2014)

Gone in Alabama ft. Jackie Chain, Clova – Swag on Full (2011)

Rich Homie Quan ft. $jr – Can’t Help It (2013)

King Louie – Pack So Loud (2012)

Chief Keef, Fredo Santana, Sasha Go Hard, Lil Reese – On Top (2011)

Rich the Factor – 1000 (2017)

FMB DZ – Fast Money (2018)

CML – Speak My Mind (What Else) (2017)

Rio da Yung OG x RMC Mike – Let it Breethe (2019)

Fetty Wap ft. Lil Herb, Albee Al – RGF Island remix (2015?)

Ricky Rackzz ft. Glory Shorty – Shining (2013)

Chief Keef – Valley (2014)

Hus Mozzy, Mozzy ft. G-Val – Red Mob (2016)

Kodak Black – Free Cool (2015)

Diplomats – Dipset Forever (2018)

Ray Mula ft. Dave East, Don Q – Wassup with the Wassup remix (2018)

Max B ft. Al Pac – Get out of Jail (2010)

Lil Rue – Self Made (2010)

Berner & The Jacka ft. Mozzy, Liqz, Lil Rue – Gone (2015)

Don Q ft. Desiigner – Trap Phone (2017)

Peezy – New Car Smell (2019)

Ty Dolla $ign ft. E-40 – Saved (2015)

Aoc Obama ft. YM – Everyday (2016)

Shy Glizzy – Take Me Away (2017)

Sada Baby – Free 80s (2017)

R.O.D. ft. Edai – We Bangin (2013)

Edai ft. La’Capone, S. Dot, Rondo#9 (2013)

DoughBoyz CashOut – Ballin’ Like My Brother (2013)

Lil Debbie ft. Dolla Bill Gates – 2 Cups (2012)

HG Locks, Fetty Wap, Velli – My Niggas (2014)

Broadway x Castro – Rich Folks (2014)

Dark Lo, AR-Ab – Blow Pt. 3 (2014)

Cam’ron – Wanna Get (2010)

AR-Ab – If They Kill Me (2013) (Most intimidating music video of all time?? Lol)

Fetty Wap – Post to Be remix (2015)

Jackie Chain ft. Mike Posner, Big Sean – Smoke and Ride (2011) (Maybe weirdest combination of artists of all time? lol)

Cam’ron ft. TI  Yo Gotti – Jungle (this one in this link has a different (and IMO better) Cam’ron verse than some of the other ones floating around online) (2012)

Sicko Mobb – Range Rover (2014)

ZMoney – Let You Know (2013)

Smylez ft. P Rico, Dez, Tony Blancka, King Dre – 069 (2012)

ALLBLACK ft. 03 Greedo, Prada Mack – Florida Gator (2018)

Cam’ron – Lala (2014)

Ripp Flamez – Church in the ProjectsRipp Flamez – Church in the Projects (2017)

SelfMade Espy ft. Cook LaFlare – SkyWalker (2016)

Cash Click Boog ft. Yatta – Gang in Here (2018)

ALLBLACK – Canadian Goose (2018)

Lil Chicken – No Grease (2016)

Rack Boyz – Stay Scheming remix (2012)




Howard Ratner Swag



YNW Melly – Adam Sandler

YNW Melly stays releasing some heat from behind bars with ‘Adam Sandler’. Now I’m assuming he’s evoking this new, bossed up version of Adam Sandler i.e. here –

Image result for adam sandler uncut gems

as opposed to the previous, more typical sloppier Sandler that we’ve come to expect, before he glowed up…

Image result for adam sandler slob

The Martorialist pointed out last month that we could a spate of rappers named Buffalino and Tony Pro in the wake of the Irishman, is this going to be the month where we get a new rapper named Howard Rattner?

Top 50 Songs of 2019 + Artists, Projects of the Year

Big Fenc ft. Rio a Yung OG, Dink, Sid Dawg – Can’t Fall Off

CML – U Kno That 

YNW Melly ft. Fredo Bang – Ingredients

Rio da Yung OG x RMC Mike – Let it Breethe

ALLBLACK ft. Kossisko – 304

Shordie Shordie – Bitchuary

Chippass x E-40 x ALLBLACK – Me

Peezy – New Car Smell 

Chief Keef x Zaytoven – Ain’t Gonna Happen

Preddy Boy P x Strakavelli ft. Dame Dolla – Stay Dangerous 

Suga Free – Here’s to You 

Cash Click Boog ft. Rockin Rolla – Southwest Gangin

ALLBLACK x Offset Jim ft. Capolow – Fees

J Cole, Lute, DaBaby – Under the Sun 

Mistah FAB ft. CML, Philthy Rich – U Feel Me?

Cash Click Boog – 4AM in Los Angeles

Suga Free ft. Ponoma Drey, Deuce Mack, Blacktovan – For My Niggas

Juvenile x Birdman – Just Another Gangsta

ShittyBoyz Babytron – Spirit Bomb 

Ether x Fivio Foreign x Swipey – Waka

Duke Deuce – Yeh

OMB Peezy  – Big Homie

RMC Mike ft. RLSG KD – What’s Love

OMB Peezy ft. Sada Baby – One Me

Saint Jhn ft. Lil Baby – Trap

ShittyBoyz x Rio da Yung OG x RMC Mike – Jackie Moon

Jim Jones ft. Fabolous, Marc Scibilia – Nothing Lasts 

Little Brother – The Feel

Jim Jones ft. Cam’ron – Mama I Made It 

CML – Demons

Suga Free ft. Kokane – Hole in my Heart 

Cash Click Boog – Mayor

Jim Jones ft. Jadakiss, Philthy Rich – Don’t Know What they Took Him For

Lil Baby x Future – Out the Mud 

Celly Ru – Ru Gotti 

Rio da Yung OG – Duhh

DaBaby – Suge 

Oba Rowland x ShittyBoyz – Stranger Things

Coach Joey x DamJonBoi – 7 Mile Zoo

Cash Click Boog x ChrisOnThaBeat ft. Rockin Rolla – Tap Out

Cash Click Boog – Decent

Rick Hyde ft. Benny the Butcher, El Camino – Lanez

Rio da Yung OG ft. Peezy – Fire 

Rio da Yung OG – Legendary

E-40 ft. Rexx Life Raj, Lil Boosie – Blossom 

Rockin Rolla x ChrisOnThaBeat – Drop Off

San Quinn – Ain’t Nobody Thuggin

Rockin Rolla ft. Campain Papa – Different Time

ShittyBoyz – Lamb Chops

DaBaby – Intro 

Artists of the Year

Rio Da Yung OG 

Image result for rio da yung ogX

Cash Click Boog

Image result for CASH CLICK BOOGX

CML (Lavish D)

Image result for CML LAVISH D

Suga Free

Image result for suga free vlad


Image result for allblack


Image result for PEEZY

Honorable Mentions

YNW Melly

Rockin Rolla


RMC Mike

Jim Jones


Top 25 Albums/Mixtapes/Projects

Cash Click Boog – Extras
Jim Jones – El Capo 
Little Brother – May the Lord Watch
Suga Free – The Resurrection
Rio da Yung OG – Testers Pt. 2
Rio da Yung OG – Ghetto Babies
Rio da Yung OG & RMC Mike – Dumb and Dumber Too
Rio da Yung OG & RMC Mike – Dumb and Dumb3r
Peezy – No Hooks II
Dreamville – Revenge of the Dreamers III
YNW Melly – We All Shine
CML x Philthy Rich – Fuck Yo Politics
Shordie Shordie – Captain Hook
Rockin Rolla x ChrisOnThaBeat – First Quarter
Rio da Yung OG – 2 Faced
Celly Ru – Ru Gotti
Bloody Jay – Real Forever
ShittyBoyz  Babytron – Bin Reaper
RMC Mike – Rookie Season
Mistah FAB – Gold Chains & Taco Meat
Chief Keef x Zaytoven – GloToven
LNDN DRGS – Affiliated
E-40 – Practice Makes Paper
Bloody Jay – Real Forever
ShittyBoyz – 3-Peat
+ Honorable Mention – Earl Sweatshirt – Some Rap Songs (Late 2018 but I’m counting it here)

Your Bitch Pulled up to my Hood she thought she was in Bompton


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Damjonboi X Coach Joey ft. Allstar JR, TLG Deuce – Catch Up

I was surprised when this came up on my ‘Your Top Songs of 2019’ playlist because I didn’t expect that it was one of my favorite most/heavily listened to songs, but then I realized that it comes on after ‘7 Mile Zoo’ on the mixtape it was on which I was listening to a lot in the spring/summer and I guess I just let it keep playing. In any case I hadn’t taken much note of it at the time but now that I’m hearing it again I’ve given it a new lease on life and I’ve been bumping it all weekend.

My favorite part of this whole thing is Damjonboi’s ‘Red bandana hanging out my pocket. Your bitch came to my hood she thought she was in Bompton.’ Note the ummatched efficiency and economy of Damjonboi’s boast here – “Your bitch pulled up to my hood she thought she was in Bompton.’ In just that one short sentence, Not only has he established that he’s a blood (and in a heavily blood neighborhood nonetheless) – he’s also a blood that’s stolen your girlfriend and she’s coming to his hood to see him.