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Polo Hayes – Nighttime 

After previously featuring Long Island’s Polo Hayes’ growing hit ‘Gucci Shoes’ a couple of days ago and mentioning him twice in my top 10 songs for April, I today wanted to also pay some proper attention to Nighttime with its own dedicated post. As much as I love Gucci Shoes ‘Nighttime’ might honestly be the sleeper for Polo’s best song so far/my favorite song by him and that’s saying a lot. Polo almost ‘sings’ most of the verses on this rather than ‘raps’ and has a sick flow on this hidden gem. I love the way he sings the chorus, ‘I’m the one inside the trap house with my eyes open.”

He also gets a contribution from Vine star Live Like Davis (LLD) on this one, who adds some nice singing and ad libs plus his own verse. ‘Nighttime’ has no shortage of dope lines like ‘I’m the one inside the new foreign with the new foreign, I’m the one who put the work away in a food storage, I’m just here to prove to you that the pain worth it, I’m the one who keep f*cking up but we stay working’ and “I’m the one inside the mini van with the chopper on me, all these niggas ain’t wearing diamonds they wear Savorsky, gotta stay up til I make it homie so I’m drinking coffee’. I love the imagery of being strapped up in a mini van with a chopper and also more importantly of a hard working artist staying on his grind and drinking coffee to ‘stay up’ until he makes it to the promised land.

So far ‘Nighttime’ has about 26k plays on Soundcloud, compared to Gucci Shoes’ 55k+ but this underrated jam should keep steadily garnering more and more attention as Polo’s buzz continues to build.

Check out the rest of Polo’s work here on his Soundcloud and keep an eye out for the official music video for Gucci Shoes which is rumored to be coming out soon

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