I Bang the C, Half a Circle


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Blocboy JB – Rover

“Killas in the motherfucking circle… I bang the C, half a circle”. Blocboy JB has got me feeling GRAPEY with this one.

Something tells me that this is one Santa Clause that you don’t want to end up on the naughty list of.

I first heard Blocboy JB on Somanyshrimp’s end of year top 50 list with ‘Shoot’ which was a great song in its own right, and ever since then I seemingly can’t get away from him, with the dance from Shoot blowing up and now his followup Rover which is an absolute monster.

The Memphis rapper goes hard as fuck on Rover and people are already starting to go nuts about it. A recent cosign from Drake will only push this to higher heights even though it didn’t even really need it to grow into a behemoth in its own right. (I’m not a big Drake fan but I have to say, the man knows good music when he hears it and certainly knows which waves to hitch his wagon to. It looks like they also recently caught a Grizzlies game together, and the Grizzlies are absolutely terrible this year so I’m sure Drake was there more for recruitment/getting his A&R on as opposed to that he was dying to see Mario Chalmers’ NBA return tour).

The dope Tay Keith-produced beat (same guy who produced Shoot) and Blocboy’s menacing flow make this the perfect song to blast in the whip. Even if you’re just driving around in a falling apart 2007 Nissan Sentra like me, this song is the perfect cure for driving a lemon because you can still feel like you’ve got a decent amount of sauce when you pull up at the light bumping ‘Rover’.

Between Blocboy JB and Jay Fizzle, it seems like Grape Street Crip rappers from Memphis are having quite the moment in the sun right now. I also love the fact that in true Grape Street fashion JB’s EP on Spotify is called ‘The Purple M&M’ a la the similarly awesomely titled ‘The Blue M&M’ and ‘Blue M&M King Sized’ by Peewee Longway although regrettably there’s no ridiculous cartoonish purple gang-banging M&M posted up on the cover. Maybe for his next tape! The tape was good but it was short, and since this guy already has two absolute bangers in such a short time I’m definitley  looking forward to hearing more.

Guess Who’s In Da Cripmas Spirit🍇♿️

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If She Throw Me on Snap than I’m Breaking Her Phone!


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Ray Mula – Wassup 

Ray Mula ft. Dave East, Don Q – Wassup with the Wassup Remix

Had been wanting to throw up a post about Ray Mula’s ‘Wassup’ for a week or two and hadn’t gotten around to it, and now a remix of it just came out with Don Q and Dave East jumping onto it in addition to Ray’s first verse from the original.

The song title had me feeling like it was going to be like a 90s Budweiser commercial but Ray kills this. He has his own style but also almost brings an AR-Ab type of presence/quality (which is a very good thing in my opinion) in terms of both his voice/delivery and the fact that he has non-stop quality bars which mix in both humor and grittiness. This is what NYC rap is supposed to sound like.

“Shorty sleeping on the hookah so we made her pay for refills. I’m still taking her home, but if she throw me on the Snap than I’m breaking her phone.”

“Used to wake up for the count now I wake up just to count.”

“8 Ball rolling, nigga no pool, trap house jumping more scales than Whole Foods”

No homo but I love Mula’s voice it’s perfect for this type of song.

“I was fucking all these hoes way before I started trapping, looking like a rapper way before I started rapping. Yeah I’m from the 8 talk about it make it happen, we could get it poppin, we could get it crackin… Harlem world AKA money making, hoes started liking, niggas started hating. Tried to keep it funky, niggas started faking, grip on deck but we can still get it shaking.”

The original was already a banger and then when I was getting ready to catch up on some posts I saw on my recommended videos on Youtube that there’s already a remix out now from a couple of days ago. The original ‘Wassup’ only came out in November so these guys definitely jumped on this remix fast because they know it has the potential to be big. I like that they didn’t change up the video for the remix; they still just shot it in front of the same housing complex; all that’s really changed is the more appropriately-heavy looking jackets since it’s been absolutely freezing in New York this winter. Mula switches from a bright green windbreaker to a yellow and black North Face, and there aren’t any dirt bikes out this time.

Dave East has been a busy man lately between releasing Paranoia 2 and adding a sick verse to this remix.

“I was on some broke shit, roaches by the mattress, on some Loc shit way before I started flagging.”

“All this double G be on me got me fucking nigga’s wives. Came home without a scar, could give a fuck about your life.”

I’m not sure what Dave East’s chain is but it’s looking super frosty here.

Don Q makes the trip down from the Bronx and puts the song over the top with his verse..

“I be walking through the fire when the smoke clear. Tell my niggas open fire when the coast clear. Yeah that block was on fire but I post there. Don’t stand by that car tire we got coke there. Fuck a prince nigga I got king status. Stuffed $200,000 in a queen mattress. All my ice bright nigga I done seen darkness, my lawyer got pistol cases looking like weed charges.”

I liked the simple but kind of harsh beat for this song and these guys went 3 for 3, all obliterating it with their verses.

Even the little details of this video like putting the rapper’s name on their screen as they start or the fire graphic that comes on the screen when Don Q says ‘I be walking through the fire when the smoke clears’ give it that classic feel.

Ray and the team definitely deserve to start getting some heavy rotation on NYC radio and beyond with this one.


Airedales, Billys & Tekashis


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Seqo Billy – Billy Dat 

Crazy new song/video from Brooklyn’s Seqo Billy who starts 2018 with a splash. The beat is sick and Seqo snaps on it. I also highly approve of his use of a friendly and loyal-looking airedale terrier as the dog in this video instead of the usually far more prevalent pitbull which is normally the ubiquitous choice in these types of videos. Even the dog is flamed up with his red bandana. Watch this once or twice and you won’t be able to get the chorus out of your head, at this point it’s probably my most frequently played song of January.

“Red chucks low cut laces on the floor I’m really 9Trey, B-Hop all over a nigga’s face if he ever disrespect the gang. Always red flag when I billy rock, paint the town red make the biddy hot, bang like the niggas from Cedar Grove, trip on my set and get pita rolled”

And just to top things off we also get a brief non-rapping appearance-only cameo from one of his affiliates who just so happens to be one of the most divisive rappers out right now!

Too Blessed to Be Stressed


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O.T. Genasis – Too Blessed 

The big cuz O.T. Genasis hitting us with some surprisingly wholesome fire here. This is some inspirational ‘chicken soup for the trap star’s soul’. There’s so many other dope songs coming out right now that I have stacked up in a backlog of posts I’m meaning to get to, that if you told me a couple of days ago my next post was going to be about the guy that wrote ‘Coco’ and ‘Cut It’ I would have looked at you very suspiciously, but here we are. (On the one hand, I can’t believe Coco came out OVER three years ago, but on the other hand, it almost seems like a relic from a different era. Also – anyone besides me think that Young Dolph almost sounded like some kind of stuffed animal or Care Bear when he’d say ‘Cut iiiiiiit’ in Cut It?). ‘Too Blessed’ is too inspirational and too catchy to ignore.

O.T. Genasis is Belizean but it looks like his hood pass is good in Haiti. Best music video shot in Haiti since Kodak and French Montana went down there for Lockjaw?

Is that O.T. Genasis considering buying a painting of O.T. Genasis at 1:05??

That ‘Haitian Veteran’ hat is intense. The floral Adidas shirt the other dude with him is wearing has got me jelly too. There are a lot of things to love about this video, from O.T.’s dance moves and how happy the kids are breaking out theirs, and the smiling old lady, and when O.T. points to the sky as he yells ‘My lil nigga coming home soon.’ This is just a happy, uplifting song. It’s the perfect time for it to come out too with a certain powerful American calling Haiti a ‘shithole’, O.T. stands up to him and shows that Haiti is a beautiful place with a lot of challenges but also a lot of miracles and a lot of smiling faces. This is O.T. Genasis’ best song of his career so far in my opinion, and very early on my favorite track of 2018 so far.

Some ppl still tryna figure me out #Haiti 🇭🇹

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6ix9ine ft. Fetty Wap, A Boogie – Keke 

Keke has landed and we finally got the full version. Don’t get me wrong – Keke is definitely a banger, but I’m not sure if it lived up to the hype of the snippet that’s been floating around online/on Instagram the last couple of months. However, in fairness, few things in life truly live up to the insane level of expectations we put on them. The anticipation is almost always better than the event itself.

Best part of the song was from about the 1:00 to the 1:20 mark, Fetty’s hook. My biggest regret with this song is that they didn’t have the hook in it more times because it was sounding absolutely heavenly. Fetty’s verse wasn’t bad but it slowed down the song a little bit and didn’t seem to totally fit in with the ferocious vibe/tempo that Tekashi set with the opening verse (you could say the same thing about A Boogie’s verse too, the song felt a bit disjointed). Still, it’s good to see him back out here and hopefully we can see him taking back his crown as the hook god going forward.

It’s a good hype up song between the aggressive verse from Tekashi, the dope but unter-utilized hook and all the general shenanigans going on in the video, which looks like it was probably a lot of fun to be at. I like all the quads and dirtbikes in the video but I’m wondering how these dudes have them in NYC I could rarely find a parking spot there let alone space for extra ATVs and bikes, and we all know damn well that NYC apartments are basically the size of glorified closets so it’s not like they can keep them inside. I expect to see Meek and them and D.C. rappers etc. riding around on toys like this since they have a ton of land down there but doing it in NYC is an even more impressive feat. NYPD is going to be salty about this video.

A Boogie is surrounded by an entire snack attack at 2:00.  I can’t really get behind Tekashi’s rainbow-colored fur hood here, looking like he hunted a bunch of Care Bears and made a coat out of them, but the dude in the Lacoste jumpsuit and purple Lacoste hat looks fresh, and I’m not opposed to Fetty Wap’s Pelle Pelle jacket. Apparently the guy with the mask on is Rowdy Rebel’s brother Fetty. (Side note – ‘Fetty’s Song’ by Rowdy off of ‘Shmoney Keeps Calling’ might be his most underappreciated if not best song. So real and sounds so good over that smooth ‘Night Shift’ sample.) This song had the potential to be more but I’m still going to say that Tekashi is 3/3 now with 3 solid hits in a row between Gummo, Kooda and Keke, with Kooda being the best song so far. It will be interesting to see what he does next/how long he can sustain the momentum for.





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Apparently today is finally the release date for Tekashi’s/6ix9ine’s ‘Keke’ with Fetty Wap and A-Boogie. Your humble host is over here just keeping his fingers crossed and hoping there aren’t any delays. They’ve been teasing this for a while now and I’m just hoping it doesn’t become a white whale of sorts like the unreleased Big Choo song that Big Choo has been haunting the Martorlialist with with Instagram snippets of for over a year without releasing.  I was a little worried that this new squabble with Casanova could put Tekashi in the way of bodily harm before he was able to fulfill his earthly destiny and release this fire but thankfully cooler heads prevailed and Cas decided in the interest of the greater good to not harm Tekashi until we could all hear this banger.

I’m most intrigued by Fetty Wap’s part since it sounds heavenly in the preview, and because he was an interesting inclusion for the song. I feel like 2 years ago or so Fetty Wap was arguably the biggest up and coming name in rap and then through no fault of his own he fell off the radar as fans, in typical fickle fashion, just moved on to the next flavor of the month, whereas Fetty Wap was still out here making some pretty good songs the whole time. He definitley still has something to bring to the table and I would love to see ‘Keke’ push him back into the forefront. I always like strange combinations for collabs and the combo of 6ix9ine, Fetty Wap and A-Boogie is definitely a juicy one. (Also bringing together Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Paterson NJ).

For now I’m just watching the Jaguars/Steelers game biding my time patiently awaiting Keke to make landfall.

P.S. – I’m also holding out hope for a Tekashi/PC Tweezie collab bc I saw a since-deleted post on the ‘Gram of the two of them posting up in Florida with PC Tweezie saying ‘He good in Florida’ but the fact that it no longer seems to exist makes me less confident that there will be a song forthcoming. That would be one aggressive song.


Gucci’d Down to the Tube Socks


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Willie Joe, Benny, YL Next Up – Mo Guap Mo Problems 

You wouldn’t think that attempting a remake of ‘Mo Money Mo Problems’ in late 2017 with a bunch of youngins from Cali and adding in a whole lot of auto tune would be a good idea… but it’s actually kind of fire?!?! Yhung T.O -nemesis Benny and his merry gang of DripSquad cohorts fucking kill it here (The DripSquad logo of the anthromorphic water droplet is actually pretty dope). I’ve always been a sucker for this beat and remember the original Biggie version being one of the first songs that ever caught my attention/that I liked as an earnest young elementary schooler.

I can’t lie, I’m definitely a little jelly of the guy at 0:27 that’s rocking that super clean long-sleeve Samoa rugby 7’s pullover.

Benny brings the heat on the melodic hook which goes surprisingly well with the Mo Money Mo Problems beat; “Blue paint on the new drop, too hot Gucci’d down to the tube socks, 19 young nigga with a bank roll, mo money ain’t a problem with a draco”. Props to Benny for making the motion of fanning himself off when he says ‘too hot’.

I like how Willie Joe changes the ‘no info for the DEA’ from the OG version to just ‘no info for the DA.’ “N-O, S-O nigga, D-A, H20 no info for the DA, Yanni got the draco got you running like a relay, bruh locked up his BM had us on 3-way. It’s Joey though, started from the bottom like we OVO, somebody sleeping in the bed it ain’t Nokio, rappers doing all this lying like Pinocchio, I’m a fly nigga rocking Bape straight from Tokyo.” (Side note – first time I heard Willie Joe was on ‘Top Ramen‘ this time last year which had a great hook from Lazy Boy). I’ like how DripSquad henchman YL Next Up just keeps snapping harder and harder as his short verse goes on. (Side side note – most of these same guys Willie Joe, YL Next Up etc. are in another dope song ‘Cruisin’ that Corolla Club highlighted in his monthly top 10, which also features another pretty sick Samoa rugby jersey).

The white dude with the dreads and the gnarly beard isn’t even named in the title of the video but through EXTENSIVE research (me lazily clicking around on Youtube while I’m supposed to be working) I believe his name is ‘Stony Bobby’ and he seems to be a DripSquad affiliate. (Is Stony Bobby the Bay Area’s answer to Kid Rock?) (Edit/Update: After more Youtubing, it’s also possible that the white dude with dreads and the black dude with dreads are called YL Next Up as a group, and Stony Bobby is someone else entirely?! Very mysterious). What he lacks in shaving skills he certainly more than makes up for in the sheer energy he brings to the track and his general over the top theatrics he uses to act out what he’s saying. Come on, look at the look on his face at 2:47 or the exaggerated running motion at 2:56; how could you not love this guy? And like he says, he’s just trying to push that Porsche Panamera with the leather, and who can begrudge him of that?




Scooby Doo Denim Jacket with the Fresh Chris Webbers



Crimeapple – Florentine

We’ve been absolutely spoiled with so much good new music lately whether it’s the new FMB DZ tape or Sada Baby’s latest, or even the Sniper Gang ‘Baptized N Blood’ project that I’m not even done listening to all the way through yet, that if you told me my first post in 2018 would be about a Columbian dude from New Jersey I’d never heard of before named ‘Crimeapple’ I wouldn’t have believed you, but this guy is a straight up beast.

Crimeapple is spitting quotable after quotable over a Heatmakers-esque beat that wouldn’t sound at all out of place on an old Diplomats mixtape from the mid-2000s. He hits on that feeling of east coast nostalgia for that great time period while still keeping it new.

“My line buzzing, I’m pretty sure what they calling for, ’cause we chop cheese like ahk at the corner store.”

“I’m popping like vegetable oil my bitch spoil me. Ironic, the only real luxury now is loyalty. I swear I’m hallucinating the burner even spoke to me, the coke felt nostalgic it spoke and it said ‘Boil me!'”

With this multi-week Arctic blast we’ve been surviving out here on the east coast (and today’s blizzard), this is that type of weather that makes you want to throw on a hockey jersey over the hoodie and THEN throw on a Starter jacket over that, and this is the perfect type of music to throw on to get you into the spirit and endure this winter grind.

Top 10 Songs December 2017


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It almost feels crazy to write a ‘top 10 songs of December 2017’ after just doing a top 50 songs for the year 2017 but there’s just too much going on right now to skip it. This month had new albums from Shy Glizzy and Lil Boosie, a new mixtape from Lil Wayne that was more interesting in theory than practice, a couple new albums from some of Detroit’s lovely ladies like Molly Brazy and Cuban Doll, and was capped off with ‘The Gift’ from FMB DZ. As you can see below I’m still on my Detroit grind right now with a couple of tracks by longtime favorites making some heavy, profound music (and an unexpected rainbow-haired interloper) mixed in.

Sada Baby – Free 80’s

“Real nigga look me in my eyes, I ain’t fake at all.”

While December was an amazing month for new music with new albums from heavyweights like Shy Glizzy and Lil Boosie to Sada Baby’s fellow Detroit native FMB DZ, I don’t think I listened to any song more times on repeat this month than ‘Free 80s’. There’s just something about the swagger and veneer that Sada brings to the track that makes this song compelling, more so than any specific line or lyric. Taylor Greer of Fake Shore Drive described it best, saying “The truth is, Detroit is in a league on their own, and has been for some time. The artists and music that you hear in the city, provide a glimpse into a culture surrounded by ingenuity and preserved by the hustle. So when you hear artists like Sada Baby or 80’s spit, just know you’re not just hearing lyrics over a beat — you’re actually hearing the ingenuity of the artist’s hustle.”

I love the cameo from FMB DZ in the video when Sada Baby mentions him (making multiple appearances on this songs of the month list even when he’s not actually in the song!) supporting his fellow Plymouth Road rapper, as well as the cameo from Tee Grizzley’s chain.

The vest with no shirt under it combination does not work for most people and I certainly wouldn’t dare try to pull it off but Sada just has so much swag he’s able to pull it off and override any concerns that the average person would have when rocking that look. (Now I’m not saying I want this to spark a trend, let’s keep it to just Sada for now).

“I won’t talk about no shit that I don’t know bout. If that chopstick ain’t on me I don’t go out.”

“I’m an east side nigga with a roll on me. I can’t say none of my niggas ever told on me. They won’t ever let no other niggas roll on me. Big face (???) type of niggas never fold on me. Tooda Man gon do what’s right if you act wrong on me. He done killed a nigga if he swung on me. Know I kill a nigga if he swung on me. Bang bang close range I got blood on me. Step on the work like it’s a motherfucking rug. I can’t talk to nobody unless I’m off my drugs.” (I love the look that Tooda Man grills the camera with when he’s mentioned in the verse).

“I’m in Cali you niggas at home want to trade places? I’m just out here facing, stacking, yelling free 80s!”

“Burberry shirt cost an ounce of cookie, young Skuba Steve different type of rookie. Monkey nuts everywhere the wop look like Jumanji.”

The ‘Free 80’s’ title and chorus are in reference to Eastside 80s, an imprisoned Detroit rapper. All of the current wave of Detroit rappers go hard but Sada Baby also adds in a twist of personality and humor along with some wierd flows and wordplay to give him a style all his own. No one else besides him could pull off a red ranger Power Ranger tattoo and actually make it look kind of dope. I’m in the middle of listening to his new mixtape ‘Dat One Nigga’ right now and should have a couple of highlights from it up here soon. Sada Baby already ‘blew up’ in 2017 but I think we’re going to be seeing him everywhere in 2018.


FMB DZ – All the Smoke

I’m tempted to say that no rapper had a bigger/better 2017 than FMB DZ or burst onto the scene with more of a bang.

A perfect Yuletide gift indeed from a gun-wielding, Buffs-sporting Santa Clause…

“Nigga ain’t my man if he ain’t riding with me, I fuck with the BandGang I got Mas with me. My nigga (?) got a sleeve and a 550, I got popped I could have died I had God with me. A nigga gotta die if a nigga want beef. Free my nigga 80’s I’m good in the East. You know this bitch a classic with Ant on the beat. Niggas know that I’m gonna shoot so they pass it to me.”

“You’ve got guns I got guns we can shoot it out. I’m aiming for a nigga’s head I ain’t killing clouds. Lord forgive me always been a wild child, two FNs and two chopsticks cost me five thou. Nigga telling me I’m next bitch I’m up now, I’m in Houston making plays bitch I feel like Yao.”

“Put a nigga on your block so we can find the house, firebomb will chop y’all down while you’re running out”

I ended up lazily forgetting to put together a top 20 mixtapes/albums to go along with the top 50 tracks of 2017 that I did a couple of posts ago, but it’s safe to say FMB DZ would be on the list twice this year; once for The Gift and once for Washington DZ.

Shy Glizzy – Take Me Away

From the previous post…

The Glizzy Gang head honcho has a knack for these heavy but melodic songs like this that focus mainly on death and what people will be saying when he’s gone/what type of legacy you leave behind, i.e. this one and 2015’s ‘Funeral’, which was previously Glizzy’s finest work in my opinion. ‘Take Me Away’ is the standout track from his recent ‘Quiet Storm’ album and may challenge Funeral for his career best so far.

I love the montage setting the mood in the beginning of the video, with the random, dispassionate shots of Glizzy’s hood (the overgrown back alleys behind apartment buildings, clotheslines, staircases, the D.C. skyline off in the distance, a police helicopter circling overhead, guys posted up on the corner) interspersed with him walking in the rain and waiting in his house with police sirens outside the window. The cold, sobering beat goes perfect with it. I’m certainly no expert on this type of thing but the intro is A+ cinematography. It really feels like the calm before the storm.Even the title ‘Take Me Away’ goes perfectly with this vibe.

From a fashion perspective, I’m not sure if I’m feeling the Supreme umbrella but those Georgetown Hoyas shorts are fire. Bonus points since he’s representing DC AND because I looked for them online and couldn’t even find them so a rare gem indeed. (Another side note – Lightshow also had a song called ‘Burberry Umbrellas’ recently. What’s with these DMV-area rappers and high-end designer umbrellas?).

The chorus is simple but hits hard – ‘If the streets take me away, a real nigga I die.” He’s come to terms with the fact that he can die any day in the environment he’s in and while he’ll survive at all costs at least if he dies he feels like he never caved in or folded and no one can say he wasn’t ‘real.’ It’s a steadfast but sobering message and I would imagine this song was probably influenced by the recent death of 30 Glizzy.

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OuttaTown ft. Gucci Mane – Yamaguchi

There’s just something hilarious but simultaneously amazing that I can def get behind about a group of otherwise tough-looking grown-ass men yelling about how they’re Kristi Yamaguchi, a petite, female Asian-American figure skater of ’92 Winter Olympics fame. I love how this video just comes out swinging full force, with OuttaTown and his cohorts wasting no time, already rocking out yelling the anthemic chorus as soon as the video starts. I feel like it would have been more convenient and perhaps more macho to just use an NHL player’s name for the chorus/title to serve the purpose of showing how icy they are but using Yamagucchi just makes it even more over the top ridiculous. (One question based on the chorus – why is Yamaguchi ‘what these niggas don’t like’? I feel like she cut a fairly innocuous and uncontroversial public persona). I also like the fact that Yamaguchi sounds kind of like ‘I’m a Gucci’ or at least rhymes with Gucci’s first name.

Also of note… Who is the guy on the right at 0:23???

I love the dance move OuttaTown executes at about 1:05 as he lets you know, “This is real life, this is not a movie. Skating on this ice – KRISTINA YAMAGUCHI” as well as the dramatic shot of him and Gucci marching down the hallway after.

There’s few things better than seeing Gucci make an unexpected cameo in a video with a rapper you’re not expecting to see him with, and he doesn’t disappoint here. Gucci’s sweater game/wardrobe is perhaps more on-point than ever, with this stylish narco-chic sweather with a needlepoint depiction of the Virgin Mary and of course an appropriate amount of icy jewelery befitting a song mainly about how icy he and OuttaTown are.

All comedic value aside, Yamaguchi bumps really hard and is a perfect song to blast from the car. OuttaTown has a nice Gucci-assisted hit here to follow up on his banger 2 Sistas with FMB DZ from a couple of months ago. I first heard this a couple of weeks ago just clicking around and largely forgot about it, but then woke up this morning with the chorus in my head and now I can’t stop listening to it.