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Marijuana XO x Pablo Joe – My Brother

Cartis everywhere.

This new team out of Milwaukee Joe Pablo/MarijuanaXO is coming out with some serious heat.

Love the verses, great message, and the beat slaps. This goes super hard.

Love the whole crew yelling along with the “If you got half, I got half, we can split whatever, and if you got it then I got it we in this shit forever” part

MarijuanaXO bodies this verse – “I promise to do right by my brothers. If the police hit the lights I can’t stop there’s too much in this car cause I’ll do life for my brothers. If it’s wrong then I’ve gotta make it right for my brothers.”

I think in 2022 I finally need to get some buffs. That Nipsey varsity jacket is fire too.

MarijuanaXO and Joe Pablo’s new project Window Service just came out