DJ Lucas – Comfort of My Car

When Hotbox Social highlighted this as his top song of 2021, I was a little skeptical, which was my first mistake, because Hotbox Social is the man.

I actually had no idea what to expect going in but was thinking maybe some sort of slowed down, chilled out H-Town car rap. I could not have been more wrong. It took me a listen or two to get my head around it and it’s a little outside my wheelhouse but I came around to it and this is super dope. I always found the mainstream media’s obsession with comparing guys like Juice Wrld or Playboi Carti to pop punk but I think this would be an example of that comparison done well.

I’m not sure how it makes Hotbox feel relaxed because this beat is super frantic and has me kind of hyped up but it’s fire. And Lucas is more than just a DJ he spits some fire here.

“Doing things on a way different level, used to wrestle with my demons now I’m dancing with the devil.”

“Theyre gonna tell you that they love you then give you nothing for your art”

I’ve delved deeper and realized that this whole Big Bleep Music Vol. 5 album has some gems on it and the Dirty Designer project with Papo2004 and Subjxct 5 (Both of who I had never heard of before this but who I need to check out more) was fire too. This guy had quite a year of output!

I think this is the first time I’ve ever posted an artist from Mass here but this has me in the mood to cop a Patriots hoodie or maybe a Bruins jersey and drink some Dunkin Donuts coffee out of a cup while using a second cup for insulation