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Steve Da Stoner x Rubberband Bootsy – KING

I told the big homie the Martorialist I had a song for him back in July and I haven’t logged back in in a few months to post it. Better late than never and in the spirit of the holidays, here it is – Steve Da Stoner and Rubberband Bootsy’s “KING”, my song of the summer and perhaps of 2022.

This intro was more entertaining than the average vignette in rap videos and I’m not goign to lie, I was not ready for Steve’s warm-hearted and sage advice at 0:48 or for the singalong at 1:04.

The way Steve and Bootsy trade off lines over the Lion King beat is pure fire and you’ve got to love the pure energy they hit you with here

“If we pull up in the van, we’ve got a problem. We either gonna shoot the party up or try to rob it.”

“It ain’t no brakes on this switch when I shoot it ain’t no stopping, free my little brother he was dumping I was robbing”

Man shout out to the white guy just going hard AF vibing out here and the hype man in the pink Gucci

Man that crescendo into “You a bitch nigga I’m a brick flippa young rich nigga keep up you can’t do shit with us, steady spending all this money we can’t take shit with us, Feds kicked in that trap house door with the brick in it, chopper like Lukayne it got kicks in it, on the highway with that shit can’t get flicked with it, every blick in this bitch got a stick in it”

“All those deal phones is that shit really necessary, get in the car and me and you gonna think its February, at the lake front in a foreign like I’m Lil’ Terry, with a bitch that’s identical to Halle Berry.”

“Once the pills hit it activate a kill switch than I turn into the Terminator”

I’ve been listening to Milwaukee rap for most of the year whether it’s the camp with MarijuanaXO, Joe Pablo, Juicester and Trapbaby, Chicken P, SME Tax Free, some old Big Wan, and now adding Steve Da Stoner and Bootsy into my mix which brings a whole new dimension I feel like Milwaukee can’t be touched right now.

Happy holidays and Hakunnah Matata to all

P.S. Free Rubberband Bootsy!