Boldy James ft. Jonathan Chapman – Electric Blue

Boldy continues to strenghten his grip as one of the best rappers in the game right now. This guy released about four albums last year so I wasn’t expecting another full-length project from him so early in 2023, but Indiana Jones has been a pleasant surprise and Electric Blue is my favorite song off it. It seems like Boldy’s recent MO has been releasing entire albums with one producer, like last year’s projects with Nicholas Craven, Cuns, Futurewave, and Real Bad Man. This project continues that trend as all of the tracks are produced by RichGains.

I don’t know what the fuzzy sounding sample here is (or if that’s who Jonathan Chapman is) but it’s got me feeling wavy and Boldy sounds dope rapping over it. Almost sounds like it could be taken from some 80s new wave joint or even some 2000s emo but I have a terrible ear for this kind of thing so I could be way off the mark.

Boldy is apparently recovering from a broken neck and in the hospital after a car accident so hopefully the Big Creature rests up and gets back on his feet soon.

“City of Detroit like a wrecking ball, pick your drug of choice I can sell them all”

The second verse has to have what’s already become one of my all-time favorite sequences…

“Me and Streets we some dog fighters, turned a half a key to a masterpiece, remember that was me pulling all nighters. On a hell block had to peddle white, selling yay where every day was devil’s night.”