Steve Da Stoner, Lil V, Mook G, Mack Daddy Gorjis, ABM Keke, Big 4, J Clay, Richkid Avery, Rubberband Bootsy, Big Jay, Baby Montana – Still Champions Cypher

More Milwaukee heat from Steve Da Stoner, but this time it looks like he brought his entire crew with him. But the real highlight here is theMack Daddy Gorjis verse at about 2:00, just quotable after quotable, spitting a lot of facts and bringing a lot of heart, maybe one of my favorite contributions of 2022

“I’m in the field with my bros I don’t care if they wrong”

“If you ever come between a nigga’s kids you a hoe”

“You couldn’t cut a check if you had a pair of scissors”

“I ain’t arguing with no bitch that’s behind on her rent”