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May was the best month in a long time…

Suga Free ft. Kokane – Hole in My Heart

How could top song of the month be anything besides Suga Free the Pimp? This veteran in the game really turned up the pressure on the simps with The Resurrection and let them know he has no plans of taking his foot off the gas any time soon. Arguably my favorite/best album of 2019 so far.

It’s always a JOY… when Suga Free blesses us with a new album full of heaters.

Is that Suga Free moshing at 1:23??

Like the homie Icebergsweater said, the whole Suga Free album slaps. Another great production by L-Finguz, who it seems like pretty much produced this entire album save for a song or two, I love the beat and the flourishes of talkbox thrown in. As my boy Onmirestig points out, L-Finguz is having a big year, producing the lion’s share of this album and a bunch of joints on the new Mistah Fab album as well and probably a bunch of other stuff I’m overlooking at the moment. At some point soon I want to sit down and put together a list cataloging all of the L-Finguz productions from this year.

On a related note, I’m usually not a huge Vlad TV guy but his most recent interview with Suga Free is non-stop entertainment, because it’s Suga Free, and even Vlad can’t get in the way of that. Even just the introduction itself is hilarious, where Suga Free is like ‘Nice to be here, right on’ and ‘I get to meet the man behind the magic’ to Vlad and it’s a mix of friendly, intimidating and somewhat troll-y all at once, or when Vlad is asking him about the secret to success in pimping and Suga Free takes a long pause and then just asks ‘Why?’. It’s also a 14-part interview so you have to really carve out some time to sit down and watch it. The shirt he’s rocking for it as wild too.

P.S. I heard there’s a new Kokane album out? But I haven’t seen it anywhere yet. And are we really supposed to get a joint album from Suga Free and Kokane? Based on this song that’s definitley going to be one of my most anticipated albums so fingers crossed it comes into fruition.

CML – Demons 

If it wasn’t for Suga Free, CML/Lavish D/King Lavish D/Lav etc. (what should we call him now??) was probably my other most listened to artist of the month.

King Lavish D is keeping his foot on the gas. Lav is more consistent and focused than ever in 2019. I don’t know how he does it but Lav is the master of creating these simple flows and rhyme schemes and making them sound dope… (i.e. this song, Speak My MindU Feel Me, etc.). Nice hard beat from Royce on The Beat.

“The gang cold nigga, you a ho nigga, free D-Steez we got hella poles nigga, we demons in the field we got hella souls nigga, everybody pimpin’ we got hella hos nigga.”

On a side note I see that Lav’s chain collection is continuing to grow with this Big Bank Hank chain. I haven’t seen that Waldo chain in a while. I kind of want one of these Bank’d Up ENT hoodies/sweatsuits but I’m not sure if Lav would let me or if they’re even for sale they’re probably just for his crew.

My one small gripe here is that the production/mix sounds kind of off and doesn’t do the song justice when you put it on full blast maybe they can give it a quick remaster since it just came out. Cash Money West needs to give Lav some serious investment for production etc. Another thought here is we have so many collabs with Detroit rappers reaching out to Bay rappers like all the songs with Philthy Rich I feel like it’s time for some of the Detroit heavy hitters to come to Sacramento and start putting Lav on those.

Speaking of Lav and Philthy I feel like last time around I overlooked how hard Dead Presidents with Cash Click Boog and Prince Dreda goes. Boog’s verse on that is sick. I always thought Boog was from Detroit but I just learned apparently he’s from Richmond? I’ve got to post a couple of songs from his new album The Streets Ah Vouch up here soon.

Coach Joey x DamJonBoi – 7 Mile Zoo 

My only break  The Bay and from Suga Free for the month was to post some heat out of Detroit by this newcomer DamJonBoi, but everyone knows that The Bay and Detroit are like cousins anyway. This dude DamJonBoi is a monster, he’s getting some buzz right now and not only does he rap he also makes a lot of these beats too on his own songs and for other artists like Mozzy and FMB DZ. His song ‘Capers‘ is blowing up and he has a lot of other heaters on his new ‘The Number 20’ project like the Barry Sanders intro and RIP Icewood. ‘Uncle Elroy‘ is an older song by him but that bangs too.

Coach Joey aka Jospeh McFashion is doing his thing here as a Motor City version of DJ Khaled except with better taste and putting some dope collaborations together with some of the D’s biggest movers and shakers instead of say Jay-Z and Nas or Beyonce for the umpteenth time and without the Weight Watchers endorsement money or book deal.

“RIP my nigga Woo, niggas lying in their songs but on the stand telling truths, in the D it’s a zoo, raised in the Zone my first words was sowuu”

Lmao @ “Fuck these hoes I just want some lambchops to tell the truth, Red Zone in this bitch Joey pulled up in a coupe, lil blood like Klay Thompson with the chop he can shoot”. I kind of feel where you’re coming from about the lamb chops sometimes Jon Boi.

I love the ‘Red Zone’ name. Clearly DamJonBoi is from 7 Mile and he’s a Blood he’s not making it much of a secret; but I’m unclear on where he stands on the rest of the Detroit rappers that we all love like Peezy, FMB DZ etc. Because on the one hand he’s doing songs with DZ etc. but on the other hand I’ve seen him and Sada Baby throwing shots back and forth at each other online so not sure what the situation is.

A lot of times when producers start rapping the verses aren’t as good as their beats but Jon Boi is killing it in both departments.


Mistah FAB ft. CML, Philthy Rich – U Feel Me?

Front Row Fabby linking up with King Lavish D and Philthy for this absolute banger.Was about to post ‘taking a break from Bay beef for a day’ and post a different song today but then I was hyped when I saw that the video for U Feel Me came out a couple of hours ago since I’ve been bumping it all week. Weirdly it appears on both Fab’s new ‘Gold Chains and Taco Meat’ album as well as CML and Philthy’s ‘Political Ties’ project but it slaps so I don’t mind hearing it on both. The song/concept is so simple but just goes so hard. It reminds me of Lav’s ‘What Else’ i.e. the pattern of saying ‘What Else’ and then a short line being repeated over the course of the song/rapping a short line and then asking ‘U Feel Me?’. Not sure who handled the beat for this one but it knocks.

Everybody here is good and their resumes speak for themselves but Lav steals the show which I feel like is becoming a common theme lately. I love the ‘Stepped out of prison going brazy’ line. The ‘I’m a Livewire like Shady’ part was an unexpected surprise since I thought Lav funking with Shady back in the day was how his original feud with all of the One Mob guys started (as my boy Onmirestig explained) but as we’ve seen, you never know what to expect in these ever-shifting Sacramento/Oakland politics; enemies can become allies quickly and vice versa.

I always figured Mistah FAB was friendly with Mozzy and they’ve done a bunch of songs together (including with Philthy Rich on the same track) back when everyone was still  friends so I’m not sure if this appearance is a statement on where he stands by Fab or if he just wanted to get two of the hottest names in the game right now on a track he knew was going to be a banger. I’m going to assume the latter because I feel like Fab is too friendly and positive of a dude for that type of beef.

How about getting a mega-mix of this one where they add Suga Free and let’s say… Cookie Money, and ALLBLACK why the hell not?

P.S. I got a chance to bump Fab’s new album ‘Gold Chains and Taco Meat’ (what a name lol) a couple of times on a long drive this week and as usual you can count on Fabby to deliver with at least a couple of bangers; so far I like U Feel Me, Hey Baby, Time 4 U, and of course Playa Shit at the end with Suga Free and Too $hort.

Suga Free – Here’s to You 

At age 50, Suga Free is rapping better than almost anyone else in the game and showing the squares whose boss.

Suga Free ft. Pomona M Drey, Deuce Mack, Blacktovan – For My Niggas 

Image result for dancing smiley dj gif

Mistah FAB ft. Juan Love – Time 4 U 


Not sure who Juan Love but I also liked this one off of FAB’s album, it almost sounds like a song that like DJ Mustard would make for some industry plant that you’d hear on the radio but with FAB doing it so it’s actually good.

Preddy Boy P & Strakavelli ft. Dolla Dame – Stay Dangerous 

Saw this on Onmi Restig this is just so smooth.

I love the honesty from Preddy Boy P when he’s like ‘Some of my day ones have switched on me, some of my bitches jumped ship on me. I remember being down on my dick homie, that’s why I never leave the house without the stick homie.

The ‘I don’t entertain gossip, go to the source, I knock a nigga down just for the sport’ line is so cold.

Great hook from Strakavelli and the Dame Dolla verse is nice, especially when he reminds us that Anchorage is in Alaska.

‘They tryin tell me play it safe and put the gun down, when these niggas killing over crumbs now.’

DB Tha General – Oakland in My Soul 

Cool little joint by DB over the Souls of Mischief beat. I always loved this beat. I wonder what DB The General thinks about the Philthy/Mozzy beef since I feel like he doesn’t like any of these guys. I think at one point him and CML were cool/did a couple of songs together but I don’t think they’re actually simpatico anymore either. DB should start a consulting service on beefing with Bay Area rappers and getting through it, like those prison consultants who advise rich people who need to learn how to survive a year in minimum security prison.

Mistah Fab – Hey Baby

The intro for this one (separate track) with Snoop Dogg talking about plays rolling up to his mom in traffic and saying ‘heyyyy baby’ to his mom was just a LIT-TLE wierd but overall the song itself knocks. The beat is dope I feel like it could be from the hyphy era. I like this positive-aura Fab; ‘We gettin’ money havin’ fun say Hey Baby’ or ‘A hey baby get his money and don’t bother folks’ or ‘Hey baby’s full of positive energy, but hey baby’ll still slide on his enemies.’ Alright, actually I guess the part about sliding on his enemies isn’t super positive but you get what I mean. Also, did FAB start saying ‘Hey Baby’ as like a gretting but then by mid-song started referring to himself as ‘Hey Baby’ in the third person?

Young Thug ft. J Cole, Travis Scott

I’m laughing about how out of place this one looks with the rest of this list. But I’m not going to lie I kind of enjoyed ‘The London’ and was bumping it a whole bunch over Memorial Day weekend. This is probably the first time I’ve ever mentioned Cole in my two-three years of doing this site, I don’t have anything against him I’ve just never gotten into him before and have never really seen the hype/why so many people are so I honestly don’t know much about him, but I did like his verse here. Is it just me or does it almost sound like he’s going with a little bit of a Tupac flow/voice on this? I could have lived without the Travis Scott hook they should have just given the hook to Thugga. I’ve been less into him as of late but it’s good to hear some new music from Jeffrey. I kind of wish he just kept rapping like he was when his verse started instead of shifting to the singing because he was going hard in the beginning. I don’t know, overall, nothing crazy but it was/is a nice little summertime jam to throw on I liked it overall.

By the way I feel like they kind of ripped off Maine Music/TEK with that spider artwork

Lil AJ ft. Shoddy Boi, Young Bossi 

Saw this on Onmi Restig; The always-dependable Lil AJ linking up with Young Bossi and Shoddy Boi from Akron. As always another solid, workman-like effort from lil AJ whose like the PJ Tucker or Draymond Green of Bay rap; not getting all the shine but getting the rebounds, playing defense and just doing the dirty work for the team to win. We all know about the Bay to Detroit connection and even the Bay to Kansas City, but how about The Bay to Akron/Ohio? I remember the Jacka was always doing tapes with Ampichino and now we have these guys linking up. I don’t know whose who of the two Ohio guys to be honest because I haven’t seen them before but I love the ‘It’s the mob you can’t hang with us you too square, third-person trapping I don’t pull up I send my dudes there’ line.

Cash Click Boog ft. Yatta – Gang in Here 

Need a somewhat inexplicable late pass for this one but was blasting this non-stop the last couple of days. How was I bumping a ton of Cash Click Boog at the end of last year and didn’t realize what a monster this is? I was posting about 200 Proof and Fuck With Me and somehow overlooked what’s now by far my favorite Boog song. I was blasting this full volume with the windows down last night for my little night out on the town and let’s just say it definitley passes the whip test. I don’t know whose beat it is but it’s just so HARSH. Basically the way I came back across it now was after I heard Mozzy’s ‘Free Yatta 2’ I typed in Yatta on Youtube to listen to some of his old stuff and then saw this again. I love how they got Yatta’s verse from prison on video instead of just having it phoned in. “I didn’t miss the store bitch I’m straight in here, I ain’t rolling shit up I’ll catch a fade in here.”

Anyone know when Yatta is getting out? I couldn’t find much info about it online.

DamJonBoi – B. Sanders Intro

DamJonBoi – Capers 

DamJonBoi – RIP Icewood

A couple of those aforementioned DamJonBoi slaps from his new project.

“Since he playing half crazy give his ass the whole clip.”

“50 niggas in the club that’s how we bomin’ ”

“Blow the finest cookie nigga this shit loud, I’m in the Zone but they smell me on Mile, jump in the water with them sharks you might drown, go crazy walked in this bitch yeah it’s on”