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CML Lavish D – Demons

King Lavish D is keeping his foot on the gas. Lav is more consistent and focused than ever in 2019. I don’t know how he does it but Lav is the master of creating these simple flows and rhyme schemes and making them sound dope… (i.e. this song, Speak My Mind, U Feel Me, etc.). Nice hard beat from Royce.

“The gang cold nigga, you a ho nigga, free D-Steez we got hella poles nigga, we demons in the field we got hella souls nigga, everybody pimpin’ we got hella hos nigga.”

On a side note I see that Lav’s chain collection is continuing to grow with this Big Bank Hank chain. I haven’t seen that Waldo chain in a while. I kind of want one of these Bank’d Up ENT hoodies/sweatsuits but I’m not sure if Lav would let me or if they’re even for sale they’re probably just for his crew.

My one small gripe here is that the production/mix sounds kind of off and doesn’t do the song justice when you put it on full blast maybe they can give it a quick remaster since it just came out. Cash Money West needs to give Lav some serious investment for production etc. Another thought here is we have so many collabs with Detroit rappers reaching out to Bay rappers like all the songs with Philthy Rich I feel like it’s time for some of the Detroit heavy hitters to come to Sacramento and start putting Lav on those.