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As a long-ago Lavish D convert I wanted to take the opportunity of the new Lav/Philthy Rich mixtape and this heightening Philthy/Mozzy feud to post a few loose thoughts on King Lav that have been on my mind…

  • If I could get access to a time machine one of my highest priorities would be to go back in time to like 2016-2017 to the height of the ‘One Mob’ vs Lav beef and blow a few Bay Area rap fans’ minds by showing them this Lav/Philthy collaboration album from the future and then hop back in the time machine and leave back for the future without explaining the whole context of what led to it
  • My favorite aspect of the Mozzy/Philthy beef is the fact that Messy Marv is certainly the centerpiece of the beef – Philthy is mad that Mozzy linked up with Messy – so he then linked up Mozzy’s archenemy Lav – who featured Messy himself on the remix for arguably his biggest song (Speak My Mind/What Else remix).
  • Lav may be THE most elusive artist to conveniently find the complete discography of in all of rap, which is saying something  – I had been on a bit of a Lav kick after not listening to him in a while after seeing his cameo in the San Quinn video and I found albums/mixtapes by him on Spotify listed under Lavish D, King Lavish D, CML Lavish D, and even just CML. Given the all-over the place nature of his catalogue I might need to compile a top 10 Lav songs here in the future.
  • I guess Lav is signed to Cash Money or Cash Money West now so congrats to him on that. I wonder if that means we’ll get a Lav/Blueface collaboration some time soon.
  • Sadly I have to admit I was super hyped when I saw that this project was out but unfortunately even though I am a fan of both, I didn’t feel like any specific track really jumped out at me as a highlight and wasn’t really as good as both of their recent solo work. (I just posted the title track for this article since it’s the title track and has a new video).  That being said I’ll give it another listen and maybe that will change over time. But I felt like a lot of tracks on here were just remixes thrown together of their previous songs etc. Maybe we can get a second collaboration from them because I’m definitley still intrigued by the idea even if the execution didn’t live up to it in this case.
  • I wonder where out of town allies like Yung Cat and A-Wax will line up in this whole battle because on the one hand probably the only thing that united them on tracks like Diamonds Dancing was obviously their mutual dislike of Mozzy but on the other hand I would have to imagine none of them were like wildly in favor of Philthy either.

In all seriousness though let’s hope that this Philthy/Mozzy beef stays on wax and no one gets hurt over it

P.S. here’s what I wrote at the time after I first checked out Lav and posted about it as a young blogger still trying to come up in the blog game, not as bad as I thought…

“As a Mozzy fan I almost felt a bit sneaky and slimey deciding to check out Lavish D’s last couple of mixtapes but much like a cheating spouse eventually the curisoity and temptation got the better of me and I decided to delve into it. He has some pretty good songs and my favorite of all of them was last year’s ‘Iraq’…You’ve also got to tip your hat to any video where the actual rapper isn’t in the video because he’s behind bars so everyone is wearing shirts saying ‘Free Cash Money Lavish’ on them. After listening to a couple of mixtapes I would say that Mozzy has a bit more star power than Lavish D but Lavish D certainly isn’t just a neighborhood rapper looking to get famous by dissing Mozzy, he has a bit of star power and quite a few good songs in his own right. My other favorite by him so far is ‘Speak My Mind‘. Now that he is free I’m going to keep an eye out for his new material as it comes out.”