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Mistah FAB ft. CML Lavish D, Philthy Rich – U Feel Me 

Front Row Fabby linking up with King Lavish D and Philthy for this absolute banger.Was about to post ‘taking a break from Bay beef for a day’ and post a different song today but then I was hyped when I saw that the video for U Feel Me came out a couple of hours ago since I’ve been bumping it all week. Weirdly it appears on both Fab’s new ‘Gold Chains and Taco Meat’ album as well as CML and Philthy’s ‘Political Ties’ project but it slaps so I don’t mind hearing it on both. The song/concept is so simple but just goes so hard. It reminds me of Lav’s ‘What Else’ i.e. the pattern of saying ‘What Else’ and then a short line being repeated over the course of the song/rapping a short line and then asking ‘U Feel Me?’. Not sure who handled the beat for this one but it knocks.

Everybody here is good and their resumes speak for themselves but Lav steals the show which I feel like is becoming a common theme lately. I love the ‘Stepped out of prison going brazy’ line. The ‘I’m a Livewire like Shady’ part was an unexpected surprise since I thought Lav funking with Shady back in the day was how his original feud with all of the One Mob guys started (as my boy Onmirestig explained) but as we’ve seen, you never know what to expect in these ever-shifting Sacramento/Oakland politics; enemies can become allies quickly and vice versa.

I always figured Mistah FAB was friendly with Mozzy and they’ve done a bunch of songs together (including with Philthy Rich on the same track) back when everyone was still  friends so I’m not sure if this appearance is a statement on where he stands by Fab or if he just wanted to get two of the hottest names in the game right now on a track he knew was going to be a banger. I’m going to assume the latter because I feel like Fab is too friendly and positive of a dude for that type of beef.

How about getting a mega-mix of this one where they add Suga Free and let’s say… Cookie Money, and ALLBLACK why the hell not?

P.S. I got a chance to bump Fab’s new album ‘Gold Chains and Taco Meat’ (what a name lol) a couple of times on a long drive this week and as usual you can count on Fabby to deliver with at least a couple of bangers; so far I like U Feel Me, Hey Baby, Time 4 U, and of course Playa Shit at the end with Suga Free and Too $hort.