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Chicken P – Fast Cash Baby

I’ve been on a big Milwaukee kick lately thanks to Crimedawgbylaw. I was listening to a lot of Lil Chicken a couple years ago  and at first I wasn’t into the new direction he was going in with more singing then rapping and evolving from Lil Chicken to Chicken P but it slowly grew on me and now I’m loving it. This song ‘Fast Cash Baby’ from his latest project ‘Billy’ is so fire. I’m loving the flow here – Lil Chicken/Big Chicken/Chicken P is sounding like a disembodied, self-promotional ghost here floating around in the ether imploring the fiends to come shop with him – ‘Come shop this shit cheeeee-eeeep’ (I love the idea of Chicken P standing outside a mattress store or a hood cell phone store singing this)

You don’t work you don’t eeeeee-eeaat

Dope production from Melodroppin30 as always I feel like this guy is one of the most underrated producers in the game at this point