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Lil Chicken – Pitty Pat 

Over a month after Rap Music Hysteria’s primer on Milwaukee rap got me infected on the Lil Chicken fever (which sounds like it could be an actual unpalatable avian disease) I’m still feeling it. I’ve taken a brief foray into the world of Berner and taken a break to check out the new A-Wax and Meek Mill albums but Lil Chicken is still holding steady as the top dog on my summer soundtrack.

Perhaps a bit confusingly, in ‘Pitty Pat’ Lil Chicken hails himself as ‘Big Chicken’ numerous times to start this video, as the camera pans to show his Milwaukee neighborhood and then he and his compadre Max studiously counting up bills in their traphouse. I see you with that warm A&W root beer 2 liter on the table Chicken, not a bad choice. Lil Chicken certainly gets an early nod for most inventive chorus of 2017 in this one, “Me and Max posted up in the stash house playing Pitty Pat, I feel like Chris Brown all these junkies hollering gimme that. Spanish ho like Dora that b*tch pulled up with a mac, said he want 44 watch me pull up with them racks.”

My other favorite line was “I’ve got it all on me riding round in the foreign, Ballys on, white folks staring at me, make me feel important”

Big Chicken P is combining an aggressive flow with some of the best lyricism coming out right now and he also has the personality and charsima, that certain unqauntifiable quality that you need to have ‘star power’. The stark, aggressive beat is by Melo aka Melodroppin30 who seems to have a great chemistry with Chicken on numerous songs together (No Grease, Big Chicken P, Pitty Pat, etc.).

Let’s hope we get a Lil Chicken mixtape to round out the summer because he’s at the top of his game right now

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