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Chicken P – Chicken Fly 

Not sure if this is a Melodroppin30 beat or someone else but between the beat and Chicken P throwing out bar after bar this slams hard as fuck. This whole ‘Billy’ tape is hard and this is another highlight its between this and Fast Cash Baby for my favorite.

Lil Chicken aka Big Chicken aka Chicken P is in his zone here –

“I trap like it’s July when it’s February/I be stretching canines like a veterinary/smoked a whole quarter pound it was necessary/me and bro making plays just like Tyler Perry/never seen this many junkies man it’s getting scary/in the trap paranoid get my culinary on/4 4s slamming I put fiends in every phone/pourin’ up 6’s like they let Larry home”

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“Name ring bells through the city we them one niggas, all work no play ain’t no fun with us”

“Nigga laughed and said I had a purse like I ain’t got a gun in it”

“Scared to go to jail cause I be running into plugs in there”