Top Songs January 2020


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Happy Super Bowl Sunday…

Mozzy – Big Homie from the Hood (2019)
YNW Melly – Bang Bang (2019)
ZayBang – In That Rain (2019)
YNW Melly – 100K (2019)
Big Wan – Fast Lane Lifestyle (2019)
Bee Rich ft. Rio da Yung OG – Big Pape (2019)
Drake – War (2019)

Mozzy – Big Homie from the Hood

Damn I am feeling this one. This is exactly the type of song I have been wanting to hear from Mozzy. This is OG music. ‘Big Homie from the Hood’ is my favorite song by him since Bladahdah. He’s spitting some real knowledge and hard-earned reflections here about being the big homie and the burdens that come with it. This came out in December and I’m just hearing it now but I’m really thinking about going back and giving it a spot on my best of 2019 list.Video of just the local ballgame in his neighborhood is awesome (I love that the two teams in his hood are rocking Red Sox and Phillies gear) and the beat is perfect for this song; so soulful.

“Mama knew I’m hustling can’t say nothing about it, I’m putting food in his fridge and I ain’t ate nothing out it.”

“How you run me out the hood but I’m the one who run it? I’m the one who make sure auntie ‘n ’em don’t want for nothing. I’m the one that motivate ’em baby, ask the youngins, tell ’em re-up with the 20s, stack the hundreds.”

YNW Melly – Bang Bang 

AAAHHHHHHHHH I had to pull my hands off the keyboard quick because my computer is too overheated from playing ‘Bang Bang’ and all these other scorchers off the Melly album.

There are a good four or even five highlights to choose from, but after many listens I’ve decided that in my opinion, Bang Bang is Melly’s magnum opus on Melly vs Melvin.

Melly blesses us with what I would honestly say is an all-time great hook here. Only Melly could pull off using ‘I bang blood Gang’ and then mentioning ‘Stranger Things’ twice in the same hook. (P.S. Melly is talking a lot about being a blood on this album; maybe more so than on any mainstream record label release that I can think of; “Big blood, big blood shout out GD”, “I’m a real blood, G-Shine, ain’t no bitch in me”.) I don’t know much about the producer but according to Wikipedia it’s C-ClipBeatz and he made this the perfect backdrop for Melly’s warbling.

At this point, I think my five favorite Melly songs are Ingredients, Bang Bang, 100K, Waitin’ on You, and then either Robbery or Adam Sandler.

ZayBang – In That Rain 

Saw this one on Thizzler and I’m feeling it. I don’t know much about ZayBang but I like what I’m hearing here. I’m loving the flow, the hook is super infectious and it’s a also a really good message of resilience. Hairstyle is on point too with the ponytail, I guess that is a Nor Cal thing as I’ve also seen Llama Llama rocking i? Either way I can get behind it. The beat from DJ Taliband is dope too.

“When I was stuck on (???) I was fishing off the tier, in case you didn’t know, that’s the pen, I’ve been losing tryna find out how to win” damn I felt that part.

“My brother watched his enemies but lost it to his friends”

“They try to say it’s love, I think it’s hate… you supposed to be my brother why you turn this to a race? I do this for my brothers they gonna meet me at the gates. I do this for baby Zay, this your dad, I did that time and we gon leave that in the past.”

I’ve got to check out more of ZayBang’s work

YNW Melly – 100K 

This beat is just so celebratory and glorious. THIS is function music! I can’t find any production credits for ‘100K’ anywhere but I would love to know who made it. If not for the lyrics/subject matter (and who knows who would even be listening anyway) I feel like this would not be out of place coming on at a wedding or baptism. If you didn’t know it was Melly you would almost guess that this is some sort of unreleased Young Thug gem from prime Thug.

I’m not sure if I’m feeling the “diarrhea/gonorea” rhyme scheme but the ‘pull up on a nigga, onomatopoeia’ that follows it does sound pretty dope and kind of makes up for it although I’m not quite sure what that would entail.

The more and more I listen to this Melly vs. Melvin album the more I’m feeling it. ‘We All Shine’ was one of mytop albums of 2019 with one of my all-time favorites with ‘Ingredients’,  but this might be an even better overall project top to bottom. It’s too bad it came out so late in the year that it missed a lot of the end of year lists and all that. I also feel like I have not heard much about this album and didn’t even know that it was coming out, compared to maybe a year prior when Melly was one of the most talked-about rappers but I guess that is just the nature of the hype and post-hype cycle that music lives in today; I’m paraphrasing Ray Garraty here in that people just treat music as mass consumerism or fast fashion now and gobble up what’s hot one day and then move on to the next trend and never check for the previous artist again. ‘Melly vs. Melvin’ Just filled with bangers on every track. I mentioned Adam Sandler the other day, I’ve been feeling 100K and giving this a ton of plays but my favorite of all might be ‘Bang ‘Bang‘ . And this isn’t even including the Juice WRLD and Glokk9ine features. In an era where albums have kind of become a throwaway or just a bunch of songs thrown together to get streams, this is actually a really well thought-out, carefully put-together, well-crafted album.

Big Wan – Fast Lane Lifestyle 

Not only did I forget all about posting this on my top songs of 2019 list, I even gave it the gross oversight of forgetting to even include it in my more recent and extremely belated top songs of December 2019 list. I found this of course thanks to Crimedawgbylaw, who at this point has become a virtual Lonely Planet guide to Milwaukee slaps. This fucking goes. Beat by MeloDroppin30 is so cold. Perfect type of beat for a cold midwestern winter night. (Can’t find his solo mixtape on Spotify anymore SMH it had a dope intro on it I forget who rapped on it too so will never find the song again. He’s also done some nice beats for Lil Chicken).

Like Big Colin, I’m feeling the prefix of ‘Big’ here in the name instead of the more common ‘Lil’, and similar to the Big Colin song I posted a while back, I love when Wan’s crew starts yelling along with the one line as he raps it. I would not mind this becoming a new trend in songs/videos. When Wan switches up his flow after that to the faster flow it almost reminds me Tee Grizzley’s flow change from First Day Out.

Dude at 1:45 is going super hard lol

Bee Rich ft. Rio da Yung OG – Big Pape

I’m not sure what it is but there’s just something about saying ‘big pape’ instead of ‘big paper’ that I went from dislking at first to now kind of loving just the sheer obnoxiousness of it.

Just more absolute nastiness from Rio da Yung OG and one of his many statesmen that he’s been pumping out features for non-stop.

“Alright, now it’s time for me to talk shit, chop take a chunk out of his leg, look like a shark bit it”

“Hit the tar with the fetty wap now it’s dark skin, no NBA but we got 2 K’s at the park with it”

“Ain’t no love in my body bitch I’m heartless, I ain’t worried about the opps them niggas harmless”

In related news of Rio features, Crimedawgbylaw posted another one of the many recent ones, “Ghetto Brothers” this one with Rio and the fantastically-named ‘Talibando’.

Drake – War 

The Martorialist recently described this one as Drake’s ‘Silly UK drill song’ and he’s 100% accurate in that description – but in spite of myself, I have to just come clean and admit that I can’t help but liking it, mainly because the beat is cold as fuck. I wonder what Drake’s opinion on Brexit is.

2 thoughts on “Top Songs January 2020”

  1. icebergsweater said:

    Man that Mozzy joint the best shit I’ve heard from him in a while. The neighborhood little league setting for the video is a nice touch too.

    Big Pape and Bang Bang are pretty dope too. Hell, Bang Bang’s prolly the most interesting Melly’s sounded to me so far.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yeah that’s definitley his best material I’ve heard in a while it’s probably his best song since Bladadah in my opinion, it just hit so hard and that Mario beat was so smooth. Yeah the neighborhood little league was the perfect vibe for the video. Just so real.

    Yeah I agree Melly is on another level on Bang Bang. Melly has definitley gone in an interesting direction. I’m even loving the gospel track off that album too I have to post that.


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