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Big Wan – Fast Lane Lifestyle

Not only did I forget all about posting this on my top songs of 2019 list, I even gave it the gross oversight of forgetting to even include it in my more recent and extremely belated top songs of December 2019 list. I found this of course thanks to Crimedawgbylaw, who at this point has become a virtual Lonely Planet guide to Milwaukee slaps. This fucking goes. Beat by MeloDroppin30 is so cold. Perfect type of beat for a cold midwestern winter night. (Can’t find his solo mixtape on Spotify anymore SMH it had a dope intro on it I forget who rapped on it too so will never find the song again. He’s also done some nice beats for Lil Chicken).

Like Big Colin, I’m feeling the prefix of ‘Big’ here in the name instead of the more common ‘Lil’, and similar to the Big Colin song I posted a while back, I love when Wan’s crew starts yelling along with the one line as he raps it. I would not mind this becoming a new trend in songs/videos. When Wan switches up his flow after that to the faster flow it almost reminds me Tee Grizzley’s flow change from First Day Out.

Dude at 1:45 is going super hard lol