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Big Colin x Rio da Yung OG – Ghetto Boyz

This beat from 1800it is so fucking cold. Even Rio’s young bols are snapping.

It feels refreshing to see someone embrace ‘Big’ as the prefix to their rap name with all these ‘Lil’s’ running around out there.

No homo but I’m kind of feeling this dude Big Colin’s voice. That ‘Drakeo hold 100 like two 50-pound dumbells’ line is so hard.

“2400 that can get you a bow sale, we ain’t breaking shit down we mailing it wholesale.”

“Police hit my crib, and I was madder than a bitch, it was God on my side them bitches didn’t find my stick, they done fucked up my crib tryna find them zips like I told you once befor we ain’t breaking down shit!” I absolutely  love the part at the end where Rio/Colin’s whole crew yells along with Colin as he raps that last line, ‘Like I told you once before we ain’t breaking down shit!’