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I listened almost exclusively to Cash Click Boog, Rockin Rolla and CML this month and I think it subconsciously made me a more antagonistic person lol.

CML – U Know That 

Could the #1 song for the month on here really have been anything else?

OH MY GOD CML is just absolutely knocking everything out of the park right now. This man can’t be stopped. Is there anyone more consistent right now?

I want to be invited to one of Lav’s pool parties. Is that an A-Wax sighting at 0:32? I guess they’re still down! I can’t decide if A-Wax would be a great guest to have at a pool party or a really bad guest; I feel like there’s a very wide range of potential outcomes there. (Editor’s Note: Upon further thought, and the Martorialist’s views in the comments section, it’s been determined that A-Wax would be a less than ideal guest at a pool party.)

Again, CML masters these straightforward flows/rhyme schemes and makes them sound hard as fuck:

“I’m a big dog like a Great Dane, if you ain’t never caught a body Blood you can’t hang, run a nigga over like a freight train, all we do is set trip and gang bang.”

Lav crushes this hook, one of my favorites of the year “I’m real and you know that, I’m everywhere the dough at, Benz outside all black like Kodak, Big Bank Hank Cash Money I can show that, broke ass niggas’ pockets flatter than a doormat,” it’s that perfect but rarely-achieved balance of hard and catchy, and his troll-ish dance just makes it even better.

I believe this beat from D-Rok is the same D-Rock who did some of the beats for those  great Juvie and Birdman songs from earlier this year so it looks like CML is getting the investment from Cash Money. If the rap game was like fantasy football and I was managing CML I would keep pushing this angle all day. This beat is wild with the flute and CML just floats over it like he’s swerving through the Everglades on a fanboat.

I usually hubmly consider myself one of the foremost purveyors of all things CML but I somehow missed this one at first, but thankfully my fellow connoseiur of all things Lavish D Onmi Erstig caught it and filled me in! It’s a tough call because there’s a lot of choices but I would officially add this in to my top 3 Lav songs of all time, along with the hard-to-argue-with classic Speak My Mind and the more recent slap Demons.

Cash Click Boog – Mayor 

After giving Cash Click Boog’s Extras probably upwards of 50 spins over the last month or so, I think Mayor is the hardest song on the tape, which is saying a lot because I can honestly say that every track on it is a legitimate banger. I’d go as far as to say it may be one of the hardest 1:30’s I’ve ever heard.

Boog just sounds absolutely ruthless on this…

“He dissed Tino in a song he can’t take that back, that means him or his mans gonna have to pay for that, niggas mention my name state the facts, stripped Reesie out his chain, shoulda breaked his hat.” Something about the ‘should have breaked his hat’ sounds so angry and vindictive I love it.

“Free HTL Willy, he a maniac. The block on fire, I’m the one that got blamed for that. Been a killer, niggas act like I can’t relapse. 10 times out of 10 if we came we strapped.” Been a killer, niggas act like I can’t relapse just sounds so evil.

“Out here you either a bum or a cheddar chaser, they say you froze with that cannon you a hesitater. Monte on his way home, go and tell the haters. He only got one more year, like 11th graders. The trap slap so hard, used to scare the neighbors, but there ain’t shit in that bitch just scales and razors, too much money to count, had to scale the paper, I’m the man in my city, I’ll tell the mayor.” Oh my God I feel like I need to go outside and take a break/cool down for a few minutes after I listen to this. Boog really is one of the best in the game right now.

Rockin’ Rolla x ChrisOnThaBeat ft. Campain Papa – Different Time

Been bumping a whole bunch of Rockin’ Rolla lately since his last couple of beastly collaborations with Cash Click Boog, dude has been on fire lately. Ray Garraty had also mentioned to me to check out his First Quarter mixtape with Chris On Tha Beat from earlier this year and it knocks. Just more pure brutality from Chris On Tha Beat, maybe the hardest producer out right now, and more great verses from Rolla.

“He a fake P, nigga he ain’t got the strap he tryn’a fake me. Nigga ain’t got the strap trying to catch my bluff, before I whip that bitch out and start waking him up” 

Just wanted to take a moment to point out that trying to ‘fake out’ Rockin Rolla like you have a strap when you don’t seems like an absolutely terrible idea. This seems like an astoundingly low-upside, high-downside move. It’s probably a bad strategy in general, but particularly with Rockin’ Rolla of all people? Isn’t there an easier person out there you could try it with?

Rockin’ Rolla not taking any losses to fake P’s out here.

Cash Click Boog – Decent

Another great track off of Extras and I didn’t realize a video for Decent came out a few weeks ago. This three-syllable 2 or 3/.223’s/Jujubees/bookoo cheese/threw 2 keys/blew 2 G’s/blew through cheese rhyme scheme here and the way he deftly weaves through it is nuts.

“My life remind me of State Property I feel like I’m Beans.” YES! I can definitely get behind a Beanie Siegel homage in 2019.

I’m not a huge car guy (mainly because I’m broke) but I have to say that this Hellcat with the Hellcat logo is dope and truly befitting of a rapper with Cash Click Boog’s lyrical acumen.

“You’re eyes would glow like a full moon if you hit this shit. I don’t care about your block I’ll spin that bitch. Beefing since ’06, boy you just hopped in some shit.” Oh my God.

“I just made it to Florida, but I’m leaving here shortly.” No trip to Universal or Disney for Boog he’s all business.

Rockin Rolla x ChrisOnThaBeat – Drop Off 

Another highlight from First Quarter that now has a video. Ray Garraty points out that Rockin’ Rolla doesn’t even need a chain. Rolla knows who he is, he doesn’t need anything overly flashy for people to know he’s a boss. The ‘My little nigga knock down your top dog’ line is hard as fuck.

Rockin Rolla x Cash Click Boog x MA – Addy 

Even more heat from Boog and Rolla. Do these guys ever stop? This beat is kind of dope and just a little different sounding than Chris On Tha Beat’s usual style and what he usually gives them to rap over but I like it. Not sure who MA is but if Boog and Rolla are down with him than I think it would be foolish of me not to be down with him.

Is there a better frequent collaboration going on right now than Chris On Tha Beat, Rockin Rolla and Cash Click Boog? They’re like the Richmond Dream Team.

Rico 2 Smoove – Thugs, Rico 2 Smoove – Like the Navy

Started checking out some Rico 2 Smoove when I saw he did a song with CML. He goes super hard on Thugs off his ‘Sleeping on Me’ tape with DJ Karl the Dog, sounding like a rabid pitbull lunging off of its chain here. ‘Like the Navy’ is a cool song too and I love the beat.

Cash Click Boog – 4 AM in Los Angeles 

“Inmates still say I’m the coldest in it. I sell dope, I just rap for my bros in prison.”

“DJ playing ‘Gang in Here’ and we in this bitch, full nickel for a nigga if he think he nickel slick, the plug don’t speak no English, he an immigrant, I just text him ‘mandelo’ and he send that shit.”

Cash Click Boog ft. Shred Gang Strap – Smoke Out 

Boog blends so well with these Detroit rappers that when I first heard him last year I just assumed that he was from Detroit. LMAO at how disingenuous Shredgang Strap sounds here; “Detectives get me in that room, I can’t do shit but lie, like sir I’m scared to hold a gun, I’ve never been that type of guy.”

J. Cole, Lute, DaBaby – Under the Sun 

This probably seems a little out of place with the rest of my list but I love this song. Wrote about this one a couple of months ago when the Dreamville album first came out and now it has a video. I still feel like DaBaby’s verse could be Cole’s verse and Cole’s verse could be DaBaby’s verse based on subject matter! That NC State Wolfpack baseball jersey is kind of sick.