Cash Click Boog – Decent

Another great track off of Extras and I didn’t realize a video for Decent came out a few weeks ago. This three-syllable 2 or 3/.223’s/Jujubees/bookoo cheese/threw 2 keys/blew 2 G’s/blew through cheese rhyme scheme here and the way he deftly weaves through it is nuts.

“My life remind me of State Property I feel like I’m Beans.” YES! I can definitely get behind a Beanie Siegel homage in 2019.

I’m not a huge car guy (mainly because I’m broke) but I have to say that this Hellcat with the Hellcat logo is dope and truly befitting of a rapper with Cash Click Boog’s lyrical acumen.

“You’re eyes would glow like a full moon if you hit this shit. I don’t care about your block I’ll spin that bitch. Beefing since ’06, boy you just hopped in some shit.” Oh my God.

“I just made it to Florida, but I’m leaving here shortly.” No trip to Universal or Disney for Boog he’s all business.