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CML – U Know That 

OH MY GOD CML is just absolutely knocking everything out of the park right now. This man can’t be stopped. Is there anyone more consistent right now?

I want to be invited to one of Lav’s pool parties. Is that an A-Wax sighting at 0:32? I guess they’re still down! I can’t decide if A-Wax would be a great guest to have at a pool party or a really bad guest; I feel like there’s a very wide range of potential outcomes there.

Again, CML masters these straightforward flows/rhyme schemes and makes them sound hard as fuck:

“I’m a big dog like a Great Dane, if you ain’t never caught a body Blood you can’t hang, run a nigga over like a freight train, all we do is set trip and gang bang.”

Lav crushes this hook, one of my favorites of the year “I’m real and you know that, I’m everywhere the dough at, Benz outside all black like Kodak, Big Bank Hank Cash Money I can show that, broke ass niggas’ pockets flatter than a doormat,” it’s that perfect but rarely-achieved balance of hard and catchy, and his troll-ish dance just makes it even better.

I believe this beat from D-Rok is the same D-Rock who did some of the beats for those  great Juvie and Birdman songs from earlier this year so it looks like CML is getting the investment from Cash Money. If the rap game was like fantasy football and I was managing CML I would keep pushing this angle all day. This beat is wild with the flute and CML just floats over it like he’s swerving through the Everglades on a fanboat.

I usually hubmly consider myself one of the foremost purveyors of all things CML but I somehow missed this one at first, but thankfully my fellow connoseiur of all things Lavish D Onmi Erstig caught it and filled me in! It’s a tough call because there’s a lot of choices but I would officially add this in to my top 3 Lav songs of all time, along with the hard-to-argue-with classic Speak My Mind and the more recent slap Demons.