Rockin’ Rolla x Chris On Tha Beat – Different Time 

Been bumping a whole bunch of Rockin’ Rolla lately since his last couple of beastly collaborations with Cash Click Boog, dude has been on fire lately. Ray Garraty had also mentioned to me to check out his First Quarter mixtape with Chris On Tha Beat from earlier this year and it knocks. Just more pure brutality from Chris On Tha Beat, maybe the hardest producer out right now, and more great verses from Rolla.

“He a fake P, nigga he ain’t got the strap he tryn’a fake me. Nigga ain’t got the strap trying to catch my bluff, before I whip that bitch out and start waking him up” 

Just wanted to take a moment to point out that trying to ‘fake out’ Rockin Rolla like you have a strap when you don’t seems like an absolutely terrible idea. This seems like an astoundingly low-upside, high-downside move. It’s probably a bad strategy in general, but particularly with Rockin’ Rolla of all people? Isn’t there an easier person out there you could try it with?

Rockin’ Rolla not taking any losses to fake P’s out here.