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Alright fam no need to fear the kid is back after a long, involuntary absence more or less forced upon me by my son 187ing my laptop by repeatedly smashing it on the floor. But your humble host picked up a cheap offbrand Chromebook in some sort of white snakeskin pattern on sale at Target and is now back in the saddle. Living without internet since my fateful Celly Ru post which seems like way longer than 3 weeks ago, I’ve been in a bit of a musical and cultural abyss but here’s my belated list for best music of July 2019.

Jim Jones ft. Jadakiss, Philthy Rich – Don’t Know What they Took Him For 

Harlem to Yonkers to Oakland

This Heatmakerz beat is unbelievable. Almost makes me feel like I’m in the 80s watching some type of promotional video from one of those sketchy self-help gurus where the actors are talking about how good their lives are after they paid him to  walk over hot coals in his sketchy desert retreat and made his suggested life changes, or like a corporate training video from the same era telling you how to be a good employee. Or maybe even some sort of anti-drug PSA where the kids are talking about how great their lives are by not doing drugs. So many good Heatmakerz beats on Jim’s new album but this might be the best.

“On birthdays was the worst days, now I might pop $80 grand on a Thursday”. I love the over the top ‘Grrr’ ad lib after he mentions goons his goons purging which we’ve also seen previously in ‘Dipset Forever’ (the second coming of it). Ad lib game on point as always, and Jim does very well with the hook.

I’m never opposed to hearing what Jadakiss has to say and I obviously welcome the Phil feature. Jadakiss sounds like he’s in a good place these days here (‘Count my blessings get my lessons out the Good Book’). Jim and Philthy have done some good work together before on ‘East Side‘ with Peezy. (Wish he would have gotten a Peezy feature for this album!) It’s kind of random that the Jim Jones album ends with a Philthy Rich verse but again I’m down with Philthy so I don’t really mind.

Lil Baby ft. Future – Out the Mud 

Wasn’t sure what to expect here but damn Lil Baby really came with the heat on this one. I love his weird voice/flow that he went with over this beat.

The “My earings like baseballs, clout chasers I hate y’all” line was dope. Birdman may have been sporting diamonds the size of golf balls in his ears in ‘Shine’ but Lil Baby one ups him.

At this point Lil Baby is probably my favorite of the ‘new’ wave of nationally known rappers that the kids are into.

Celly Ru – Ru Gotti 

Maybe Ru Gotti is bad luck for me since it was the last song I posted before an angry one year old tombstoned my laptop but it goes too hard to not include at the top here. Celly beasted out on his whole album.

Jim Jones ft. Marc Scibilia, Fabolous – Nothing Lasts 

Yimmy is back with a new album El Capo to follow up on last year’s somewhat overlooked Wasted Talent. I can’t decide which I like better yet after a couple of listens but they’re both good. Jim is having a nice little Indian summer to his career with 2 straight solid albums in 2 years, and has evolved from probably the least checked for main member of Dipset (through no fault of his own) to arguably the most checked for and is going the strongest of all them with the most consistent output. After a couple of spins so far I’m really feeling this one, Mama I Made It, and Don’t Know What they Took Him For (which has a Philthy cameo!).

I can’t decide if ‘Still going cray on them like a coloring book is one of the best lines I’ve ever heard in a rap song or one of the worst lines I’ve ever heard in a rap song.

This production with the Lionel Richie sample is sounding downright godly. Heatmakerz have a lot of nice beats on this album. I’m not sure who the hell Marc Scibliani is or why he’s all over every song on this album but he doesn’t sound bad on the hook here so I can’t hate, and let’s be honest no one could ruin this sample. Imagine if Jim wanted to get a little wavy and got El Debarge on the hook? Or if he was hellbent on going down the white R&B singer route for whatever reason, if he sprung for like a Michael McDonald or the guy from Hall and Oates or something? Lol. Either way Jim definitley has a nice smooth summer jam on his hands here. In a perfect world this would be a summer hit on radio.

Peezy – New Car Smell 

I’m kind of cheating here since I already did a post on New Car Smell and made it my top song of March but as The Martorialist pointed out they actually came out with a video for it now and I’m posting it again for this month. It’s an instant classic anyway so no harm posting it twice. Apparently Peezy is still a free man but we don’t know how much more music we’ll get from him before he has to sit down for a while. I’m super hyped about this Ghetto Rich Niggas project he’s talking about with Payroll Giovanni that’s supposedly in the vault let’s hope that comes out this summer. I’m glad to see Peezy is in on the silky trend I can support it. Also I remember recently on Instagram Peezy was calling out the actual couch salesman who talking like the cartel so it’s actually a specific person. The Ghetto Boys chain is hard as fuck.

Polo G – Dyin Breed x Polo G – Through Da Storm 


I think The Martorialist described it best when he called this style Durk-core that he can usually take or leave but that in this case Polo G gives it the “bars and pathos for summer, winter, the 4th quarter, whatever”. I wasn’t super into it when I first checked out Deep Wounds in that post but it slowly grew on me and I checked out the rest of the album and I’ve got to say some of these songs by young Polo go hard as fuck. It definitely does have the pathos and just catchiness that the more generic post-Durk core purveyors lack. While Martorialist is rocking out with Deep Wounds and Chosen 1 which are both solid choices, after a couple of spins my favorites from the album are Dying Breed and Through Da Storm. I’m feeling that baby-block nursery toy sounding beat for Through Da Storm and Dying Breed is just a tour de force. Also, weirdly I’m getting ads for some sort of cloud-computing mumbo jumbo for offices called Monday while I’m watching the Polo G videos which just doesn’t seem right but get your money Polo G.

Jim Jones ft. Cam’ron – Mama I Made It 

Another gem from El Capo. Just Jim and Cam flowing like it’s 2005 over the perfect type of triumphant Heatmakerz sample for them to crush.

Polo G ft. Lil Baby, Gunna – Pop Out Again 

Another hit from the Polo G album that grew on me. I’m unclear on if Miami Garden is some feared hood/project in Miami where Gunna is mentioning that he’s wearing his Richard Millie Plain to show how tough he is because no one took it from him, or if it’s a high-end exclusive Miami restaurant/night club and he’s mentioning he’s wearing it to show how hard he’s stunting, it’s either one or the other.

AzChike ft. AzSwaye – OOUH 

Despite Netherlands losing in the Nations League final Onmin Ernstig still pulled through and posted a nice new slap from AzChike/AzSwaye this month with OOUH. “Better watch what you say to some rich niggas, in the basement cooking crack like I’m Big Tigger, even white bitches say boy you that nigga.”

CML Lavish D – Before You Speak 

I’m officially a Lavish D stan. I don’t even like this one as much as a lot of Lav’s other recent slaps but I’m just excited for any new Lav in general. Is this the first sighting of Lav without his buffs on? “Applying pressure on niggas, uppin’ weapons on niggas, better get up out my way Blood I’m steppin’ on niggas.”