Peezy – New Car Smell 

As my fellow Peezy evangelists like Nyquil510 and Raygarraty have recently been pointing out, Peezy is on top of the game right now.

Obviously we’re used to hearing Peezy over more intense Detroit-type beats and he excels on that type of production, i.e. this or this but it’s also nice to hear him kicking it over a little more of a laid-back, soulful beat like this that you can picture cruising around to or chilling with in the spring/summer. After a couple of listens to ‘No Hooks 2’ this is my favorite song off it or at least the one that jumped out at me the most, but honestly the whole album is fire. New Car Smell is also a great name for a song. Crime Stoppers (another great name), the title track, No Limit, etc. were all dope.

“Leftover lobster, champagne in the fridge” is such an ultimate humble brag. Peezy is just so accustomed to fancy restaurants and lobster that he said that’s enough at the restaurant and will just finish it whenever he feels like it at the crib next time he doesn’t feel like leaving the house to eat, no big deal.

“Bossed up on these niggas like I’m Darnell, niggas selling couches rapping like the cartel.” Such a great diss line since we all know someone who’s working at like Bob’s Furniture or Aaron’s and living at their mom’s house but acting like they’re some big plug to anyone who will listen.

“Ain’t no heat inside the crib but it slap though, Ghetto Boys baby we the new Death Row,” a bold claim but I’m feeling it and hey someone has to go for that mantle it might as well be Peezy.

Let’s all hope that Peezy doesn’t have to sit down for any length of time for the charges he’s fighting while he’s in the prime of his career like this.