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Suga Free ft. Kokane – Hole in My Heart 

It’s always a JOY… when Suga Free blesses us with a new album full of heaters.

Is that Suga Free moshing at 1:23??

I’ve been meaning to post this forever so now will finally use the video coming out as an excuse to put it up. Like the homie Icebergsweater said, the whole Suga Free album slaps.  Suga Free is pushing 50 but this is definitley on the shortlist for album of the year so far in my book. Another great production by L-Finguz, who it seems like pretty much produced this entire album save for a song or two, I love the beat and the flourishes of talkbox thrown in. As my boy Onmirestig points out, L-Finguz is having a big year, producing the lion’s share of this album and a bunch of joints on the new Mistah Fab album as well and probably a bunch of other stuff I’m overlooking at the moment. At some point soon I want to sit down and put together a list cataloging all of the L-Finguz productions from this year.

On a related note, I’m usually not a huge Vlad TV guy but his most recent interview with Suga Free is non-stop entertainment, because it’s Suga Free, and even Vlad can’t get in the way of that. Even just the introduction itself is hilarious, where Suga Free is like ‘Nice to be here, right on’ and ‘I get to meet the man behind the magic’ to Vlad and it’s a mix of friendly, intimidating and somewhat troll-y all at once, or when Vlad is asking him about the secret to success in pimping and Suga Free takes a long pause and then just asks ‘Why?’. It’s also a 14-part interview so you have to really carve out some time to sit down and watch it. The shirt he’s rocking for it as wild too.

Suga Free is keeping up the pressure on the simps all 2019.

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