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PC Tweezie – Really

Tweezie brings back that throwing ‘bos in the club type music and takes the crown for top song of October with ‘Really’…

“PC Tweezie opens strong and makes his presence felt right away, pummeling the opening verse, “I was really in the trenches with them wolves, I really tote a .30 hit the gas if I get pulled. I’ll really beat your ass run up on you like a bull, I’m really getting fat them hos say I’m getting full.” I love everything about this verse –  The hit the gas if I get pulled line just sounds badass AF, while in the days of rappers talking about their nose rings and desinger messenger bags it just feels refreshing to hear PC Tweezie rap about doling out a good old-fashioned beating and literally taking food off of other inmate’s plates. Lastly, I definitely respect that his hos are admiring his weight gain, because usually when I put on some extra pounds I end up just getting fat-shamed into jogging so he definitely has some serious clout.

In possibly my favorite rhyme of ‘extension’ and ‘extension’ ever, Tweezie deftly deploys it in two different usages and some pretty evocative imagery that shows he’s absolutely not fucking around: “I really keep a 40 glock that came with the extensions, I’m quick to bat a bitch and drag a ho by the extensions.” (Made even better by the ‘I’m silly’ ad lib right after).”

A big added bonus here is the headlines on the newspaper graphics in the video i.e. “Tensions Rise in Local Prison” with the byline “PC’s First Day in Lockup Didn’t Go So Well for the Other Inmates”

Ball Greezy ft. Mike Smiff, Kase 1, Major Nine – I Deserve it All 

Some more Florida smoothness from Ball Greezy and co., via Rapmusichysteria , the undisputed expert on Ball Greezy and Florida slaps in general.

From Rap Music Hysteria

“Like Kodak Black, who combines new-gen meme literacy with older rap styles, Ballgreezy stands between movements but remains outside them, continuing in a post-jook mode while softening its Dionysian edges with grown-man world-weariness. At times he resembles one of the mournful songmen of today; this might be the case, and yet Greezy was crooning before Wayne and Kanye broke down the R&B doors and liberated moping for the kids of today.”

Ball Greezy kills it with a heavy but resilient verse, half rapping, half singing…

“Niggas wonder why Greezy don’t smile… I’ve been through the ups and downs, the back and forths the round and rounds. A real food stamp baby, born and raised in Little Haiti, I can’t lie the streets ain’t been the same lately. Niggas don’t keep it G no more, see they don’t make ’em like me no more. Red and blue lights behind me, where the heat gon go? Surrender or shoot it out? I heard they don’t care about you and I. I’m tired of even living like this. How the hell do you raise kids like this.

“They told me that I would never ever be shit, now my watch and my chain make them seasick”

Que ft. Sada Baby – 90s Baby

From my previous post

“For whatever reason, I have to admit I’ve been sleeping on Que and have never really gotten into him/checked out much of his stuff. I guess I had heard OG Bobby Johnson back in the day and wasn’t super into it/didn’t see what all the hype was about and then kind of forgot about him. But let me be the first to say, I’ll be DAMNED if his Class Clown EP isn’t a great project with some nice slaps on it. Paramount amongst these was ’90s Baby’ which I’ve been playing over and over again all month. “I’m a ’90s baby, I keep a little .380, it’s hard to tell it’s on me, that boy thought I was naked,’ Que warns potential foes who may be debating whether or not to run up on him.  Even when he’s by himself he’s never lonely because he has his little .380 with him. Delving deeper I’m not sure what being born in the 90s has to do with keeping a hidden .380 but either way I love this song. ‘He got beside himself, and got to talking reckless, he must not got the memo that me and my niggas PETTY!’ Que continues. As one of the pettiest people you’ll ever meet, I can definitely get behind this type of message.

‘He said he don’t fuck with me, well nigga vice versa… said when he see me… said he was gon do what, to who my nigga? How? You just a class clown.” I like the idea of just telling people that don’t like you ‘vice versa’ and I love how ultimately dismissive it is, ‘To who my nigga how? You just a class clown.”

Key Loom – Succa Free 

So many good lines in this nostalgic, poppy trip down memory lane from Key Loom over the AZ ‘Sugar Hill’ sample as Key Loom takes us on a guided tour of his neighborhood back in the days where you could ‘give a knock a rock for a book of food stamps’…

““From the era of the D-boys, with a closet full of Air Maxes, in the trap counting stacks on an air mattress.”

““Burner glove full of gun shot residue, stay ready what you bitch niggas better do, couple holes in my body but I’m still stepping, thank God every day that’s a real blessing. Still keep my eyes peeled ’cause I’m on shit, fuck them suckas if they throwing up the wrong set”.

We need more music from Key Loom soon!

Hoodrich Pablo Juan – God D*mn

Hoodrich Pablo Juan ft. Gucci Mane – Sauce On Me 

In reality I could have went with any number of bangers from the newest Hoodrich Paul John tape Designer Drugz 3 as there were plenty of them but I settled on the foreboding opening track ‘God D*mn’ as my favorite and ‘Sauce on Me’ where Gucci Mane sings about all the sauce on him (and how he’s never met anyone else dripping sauce like him) in an oddly appealing nasally voice as a co-favorite.

Some of the other great songs on this excellent project include Hoodrich PJ going emo with TK Kravitz on ‘I Jus Wanna Kno’, the Chief Keef-assisted ‘They Can’t Stand It’, ‘Chanel Swagg’ ‘We Don’t Luv Em’, and of course his epic ode to self-determination with the Migos, ‘Do What I Wanna Do’.

Future & Young Thug – Group Home

Super Slimey came out seemingly out of nowhere as I was working on this article and I need to listen to it a few more times before I pick out my favorite songs, but so far one early standout is definitely the epic and forboding album closer ‘Group Home’. It sounds like Future suddenly morphed into a lifelong Marborlo red smoker on his deathbed, with perhaps his most gravelly voice yet, and it works well with the heavy nature of the song.

There’s a lot of interesting material here; from Future talking about praying every day because God made him a millionaire to talking about pistol whipping a fiend for oweing him three dollars to robbing someone the day his son was born: “I’m hustling trying to make rent you call the popo on me, I pistol whip a J for oweing three dollars you better not owe me. I robbed a nigga in broad day like the first day that I had Jacobi.”

I love the chorus/analogy “My new tone earth tone I can’t do no wrong, We change the weather stick together like we from the group home”.

A lot of times when two heavyweights like Future and Young Thug link up the sum ends up being less than the parts but on first listen with songs like ‘Group Home’, ‘Killed Before’, and ‘4 da Gang’, Super Slimey seems like it certainly lives up to the lofty expectations.

PC Tweezie ft. Vandam Bodyslam – Lost Key 

“Don’t call me a rapper I’m a convict, the Mac in the back come with a drum kit, in prison I was beating up niggas snatching they drumsticks”

Between PC Tweezie and Vandam Bodyslam Lost Key Records is turning into my new favorite crew. Check out Tweezie’s Mouf of da Souf album and keep an eye out for Vandam’s upcoming Back to the Old Me Vol. 2 soon.

3 Problems ft. Moneybagg Yo – Whatever

I don’t know much about 3 Problems yet to be honest but I’m feeling his anthemic song ‘Whatever’ with Monebag Yo. Heard this one on DGB Weekly as well.

Koly P – Feel it in the Air 

Admittedly I’m always a sucker for the ‘Feel it in the Air’ beat and I feel like it always gives almost any verse more gravity, whether it’s Gunplay or Lil Snupe, and I loved Kolyon’s (still not 100% clear on if his name is Kolyon or Koly P!) take on it from his Koly Luther King project from last year which I just checked out this month. Koly’s version is particularly heavy as he goes into great detail of the night he got revenge for one of his fallen soldiers.

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