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Lazy Boy – Not the Same 

I’m feeling this understated slap off of San Jose’s Lazy Boy’s new Kinda Famous project. I love the melodic, lazy (sorry I had to!) unassuming way he sort of half-raps, half-whispers great lines like these as he lilts over the beat…

“Doubting on me I came a long way, glizzy on me keep it on me all day, ‘Lazy Boy I fuck with you’ is what they all say, but they ain’t ride with me when I went the wrong way. Forty on my hip, gauge in the trunk, speaking on my name I’ll hit his face up. Had to fall off before I came up, every single pic I’ma throw the gang up.”

“I let 100 in the K go, they know my face so it’s kind of hard to lay low. One call have the gang on its Halo.”

“Homie this is real shit, tear drops on my face from the field trips.”

The way Lazy raps some of these lines is basically the same as the tone/timing he uses when he raps “I’m rocking Ralph Lauren, hella missed calls when I wake up in the morning” and gives him a unique flow.

I was a fan of last year’s In My Hood, his debut full-length, and Kinda Famous is shorter but a good release as well. As an added bonus there’s a pretty wild mix of unexpected features from anyone from Snootie Wild to A-Wax. If you’re looking to listen to something by a rapper with some bold face tattoos that ISN’T Tekashi I would highly recommend Lazy Boy.