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Polo Hayes – Gucci Shoes (Official video)

Rising star Polo Hayes brings his whole hood out for his ‘Gucci Shoes’ video and makes the whole Island proud. Gucci Shoes came out a while ago and has racked up tons of plays to become a hit on Soundcloud and elsewhere, while garnering considerable local and national buzz, and now one of my favorite songs of 2017 so far finally has its own video. We were on the Polo wave early here, recognizing him as one of the most unique and best artists to come out of Long Island, and the wave has only continued to grow and pick up more momentum since then.

Polo recently performed at SXSW and Gucci Shoes even broke on Hot 97 recently and hopefully will become a staple in the playlist. The video has 5,000+ views just since being released a couple of days ago and I’m definitely expecting it to get to six figures sooner rather than later. Gotta love seeing him stomping around in the namesake Gucci Shoes here and even cleaning them with some Moet and a Gucci bandana, a truly baller-esque move if there ever was one. Polo and his whole crew get pretty wavy in this video; check out the video and see how Long Island rocks. He’s done a lot of production work and also has some other great songs like Nighttime which I would love to see get the video treatment too. Check out some of his other work on his Soundcloud here.

Definitely looking forward to getting an EP or mixtape soon.

So many sick lines in this song…

“All I wanted was a foreign coupe, South Beach good morning view, trying to stay up out an orange suit, all I wanted was some Gucci shoes”

“They don’t want me in those Gucci shoes, with God with me how could I lose, you couldn’t last a day in my shoes, family used to live in a room, all I wanted was a foreign coupe”

“They don’t want me in the Louie, they don’t want me in the Benzes, with the Versace lenses, none of my niggas got pensions, I ain’t never learn my lesson, my AK need extensions, bullets same size as wrenches”

Don’t sleep on Polo. Even if you’re sleeping on Gucci bed sheets.

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