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Pollari – Lil Elroy Jetson 

“I be balling for fun, high like the Sun, Fendi the belt, it hold the gun”

Pollari hits us with a wavy new space-age track called ‘Lil Elroy Jetson’ with a sick beat and chorus. My only qualm is that clockin in at just over a minute and a half it’s too short but like Pollari himself said, ‘No time for you, I’ve got to run’.

I’m too old and boring to engage in the recreational use of mind-altering substances but I have to say from what I’ve heard of Pollari so far he sounds like the perfect type of music to mellow out to after a few xannies.

Who doesn’t like the idea of balling for fun? Have we gotten too cynical as a society to remember to just ball for the sake of balling, instead of to try to impress others? Cheers to Pollari for reminding us about what’s important in life.

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P.S. check out his EP ‘Dorothy’ that came out a couple of days ago here