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The song is an odd but lovely mix of relaxing and menacing that’s almost impossible to pull off. I don’t know who did production on track but the beat mixed with the softly sung chorus lull you into a sort of hazy poppy dreamscape while SahBabii and his fellow Atlantan Loso Loaded mainly rap threats at their opps.

The simple, catchy, and subtly sung chorus “Pull up with a stick, let it hit… B*tch I’m with the Mob, you can’t get in’ will literally stay in your head for weeks, to the point that I had felt like I overplayed this song into exhaustion in February when it first came out and hadn’t played it in a long time, then found myself randomly humming the chorus one day this week, and now played it about 10 more times this week and decided to do a quick post about it. This song is obviously big, and is probably one of the biggest current songs I’ve mentioned on this blog, but it really should be even bigger. The most popular video for it on Youtube has about 11 million views but I think it will continue adding to that and go much higher. You also have to figure eventually some of the biggest names will want to do some type of remix or freestyle over it which will give the song an additional jolt of momentum. (There are rumors that Drake is going to be jumping on the remix because, well because of course he would).

I also recently heard ‘Pull Up Wit Ah Stick’ on the playlist of the last episode of Frank Ocean’s radio show on Beats One/Apple Music and was pleasantly surprised, and you figure that type of shout out/cosign will give the track exposure to a whole new type of audience that probably isn’t always looking out for this type of music. SahBabii definitely has the type of charisma/presence where you can see him becoming a star soon off of something like this.

Add this to the small catalogue of an all-too-rare ‘subgenre’ of songs that I’m still trying to define which is basically songs like this i.e. hard-hitting ‘drill music’ but over relaxing, dreamy, hazy or even shimmery, almost candy-coated production, like this song or for example Chief Keef’s Citgo. There’s something about that unlikely combination that just makes for almost the perfect song in my opinion.

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