Cash Kidd – Kidnapper

Another highlight from No Socks. Just heard it on the album and didn’t realize it had a video from a few months ago. One thing that I love about Cash Kidd is that while he has the clever/over the top punch lines like Ray Garraty has mentioned (like ‘One wrapper with five sticks like a pack of gum’ in Barefoot or ‘Whacked a broke opp thought he had some money til I punched a donation to his go fund me’ here) and the creative (maybe sometimes even too creative!) wordplay aerobics like ‘Kwame a river, Kilpatrick’ or ‘Get My shell like Barack’, he also is so effortless with his more casual boasts and brags like here with “In an opp hood getting gas, I’m so comfortable.” He throws the line out so casually/easily but something about it just paints such a picture about him – the relaxed, cool confidence he freely moves about his city with and the relaxed, dismissive disdain he has for the opps.

P.S. I’m not sure what Don World is but I’m feeling the Don World hoodie.

Glad to see the video has over 2 million views it seems like Cash Kidd is starting to get the recognition his work ethic and skill deserves