Cash Kidd – Barefoot

I’ve been a little quiet lately but I’m back in the game. Been bumping the latest Cash Kidd album ‘No Socks’ non-stop this week off the strength of Ray Garraty’s recommendation and it might be my favorite project of the year so far after City on My Back.

Move over Barefoot Contessa, Cash Kidd is taking over the barefoot lane here.

Man shout out to Cash Kidd for having the courage to have some extra thick video thots, I can definitely get behind it.

Beat is fucking flames and Cash Kidd is underrated with the hooks this one has been in my head all week. “Like a butcher let ’em meet the chop!”

“Only thing I’m scared of is the cops” unfortunately rings to true, fuck 12

“We running through these scrips like its practice”

“Told my ex bitch to Kwame a river, Kilpatrick”

“Ain’t gotta swipe no more, I’m still swiping”

No homo I’m usually not into designer but I’m feeling Cash Kidd’s Versace t shirt and the light blue/yellow color combo