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Rio da Yung OG x RMC Mike x Lil E – Still Spice Talkin

Rio dropped so much heat on City on My Back and now he’s back with even more heat that wasn’t even on the album. Rio links up again with RMC Mike to form their usual dynamic duo and also adds in his other frequent and lesser-known collaborator, Lil E who he did the ‘Professional Shit Talking‘ album with to morph into a triple threat as they rip this beat from Baby on the Track. For all the songs each has done together, I think this is the first time I’ve heard Rio, Mike, and E on the same song. Hotbox Social described Rio and E’s ‘Buy the Block’ as “basically the last regional rap song”. It’s too bad Peezy is still locked up and couldn’t get in on this one –  Rio and the boys really are the new Death Row.

It seems almost impossible for Rio to go harder than he already has but he somehow finds a way to keep pushing the envelope –

“I shop on one side of the set, I don’t sky walk, just seen an opp strolling, now that nigga sky walking”

“Don’t even know what dog drive, bro just shoot at every white Charger”

I’ve said before I love when everyone yells along with the line at the end of a verse to add emphasis i.e. here in ‘We’ve got the city hot from all the spice talking, BITCH SHUT THE FUCK UP WHEN ME, E AND MIKE TALKING, or on Big Wan’s ‘Fast Lane Lifestyle‘, or Rio and Big Colin’s ‘Ghetto Boyz

Mike comes roaring in as abrasive as ever. “Whole team doing good we worked our ass off. Doc I need an 8 of red I got a bad cough. Chilling in the trap with my fiend drinking Mad Dog.” And they really did work harder than anyone else, these guys have the best work ethic in the rap game right now. Mike is at home in the trap, he’s not just serving the fiends he’ll drink some Mad Dog with them.

And then Lil E comes barging in – don’t act like Lil E isn’t spitting he actually low-key may have the best verse and bring the most energy out of all of them on this one. “Nigga play with me? He might as well buy a coffin. Shot a nigga’s house up everybody in the house crawling.”

Would love to get more songs with all 3 of them on it or even a whole project, but I’m being greedy since ‘City on My Back’ just came out. Even the rest of the guys in Rio’s crew that don’t rap look intense.

P.S. – Is that the American Gothic painting on Rio’s hat??