Rio da Yung OG – Groovy

Rio may be one of the hardest rappers out but don’t for a second think that he’s not groovy.

Every once in a while, I worry and think to myself wow rap has been around so long that I wonder if eventually rappers are going to run out of new things to say that actually rhyme, but then you have a creative maestro like Rio come up with something like this rhyme scheme here and you realize that he’ll never run out –

“Pop a perc drink a deuce of red that’s a perfect high/now I’m finna smoke half an ounce of turtle pie/auntie hide this brick for me, pull up your gurdle high/the green got a shell on my back I’m ninja turtle high”

Let’s hope Rio really makes good on his claim here that he might ‘drop 100 tapes this year I’m Gucci.’ I’ve been saying for a while now that Rio is the new Gucci in his prime.