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Big Wan ft. Goowap – Breaking All the Rules (Bonus)

Big Wan is breaking all the rules. I kind of love the fact that Big Wan had the audacity to call this a ‘bonus track’ on a 13-minute mixtape that would have been 11 minutes without it.

The big homie Crimedawgbylaw put me onto Big Wan and sent me over the Dog Slayers mixtape that he bought at a streetwear shop in Milwaukee (and in a move Big Wan himself would probably be proud of, they tried to charge him an extra $5 over the top for it), and now it’s also on Spotify and Youtube for the world to enjoy.

Big Wan had me at’Fast Lane Lifestyle‘ but ‘Breaking All the Rules’ further sealed the deal. While Fast Lane Lifestyle was more of a bleak, cold tour de force through the Milwaukee winter, ‘Breaking All the Rules’ is a more laid-back, summery vibe where Melodroppin 30 switches it up from his usual signature sound (at some point someone has to make a Melodroppin 30 compilation with some of his best production, I’m going to take a stab at it soon but others out there will have more knowledge of him than me) and almost gets a little tropical on us with the beat. I’m breaking out my Hawaiian shirt with the coconut buttons and hula dancer print for this one. But don’t let the beachy production fool you; Big Wan is flowing like a demon on this.