Rich City D – All Eyez On Me 

My main man Martorialist going deep out in the field to find this hidden Bay gem by unexpected Asian rapper Rich City D. Dare I say, could this be one of ALLBLACK’s “Cambodian niggas that’s blacker than Barack Obama?”

Either way the homie is lacing us with a true slap here and spitting some flames; “I ain’t got no love for the opps, my homies sick they allergic to the cops.”

“I’m a big dog catch me brushing off the fleas, keep this banger on me til the day that we leave”

I’m feeling the jade piece and the pony tail too. Between this guy, Zay Bang and Llama Llama I feel like pony tails are making a bit of a resurgence with Bay rappers, which I’m certainly in favor of it.

My main question is, is the name Rich City D, as in that he’s ‘D’, from ‘Rich City’, or is it Rich City D as in that he’s City D and he’s rich?