YNW Melly – Bang Bang

AAAHHHHHHHHH I had to pull my hands off the keyboard quick because my computer is too overheated from playing ‘Bang Bang’ and all these other scorchers off the Melly album.

There are a good four or even five highlights to choose from, but after many listens I’ve decided that in my opinion, Bang Bang is Melly’s magnum opus on Melly vs Melvin. 

Melly blesses us with what I would honestly say is an all-time great hook here. Only Melly could pull off using ‘I bang blood Gang’ and then mentioning ‘Stranger Things’ twice in the same hook. (P.S. Melly is talking a lot about being a blood on this album; maybe more so than on any mainstream record label release that I can think of; “Big blood, big blood shout out GD”, “I’m a real blood, G-Shine, ain’t no bitch in me”.) I don’t know much about the producer but according to Wikipedia it’s C-ClipBeatz and he made this the perfect backdrop for Melly’s warbling.

At this point, I think my five favorite Melly songs are Ingredients, Bang Bang, 100K, Waitin’ on You, and then either Robbery or Adam Sandler.