YNW Melly – 100K 

This beat is just so celebratory and glorious. THIS is function music! I can’t find any production credits for ‘100K’ anywhere but I would love to know who made it. If not for the lyrics/subject matter (and who knows who would even be listening anyway) I feel like this would not be out of place coming on at a wedding or baptism. If you didn’t know it was Melly you would almost guess that this is some sort of unreleased Young Thug gem from prime Thug.

I’m not sure if I’m feeling the “diarrhea/gonorea” rhyme scheme but the ‘pull up on a nigga, onomatopoeia’ that follows it does sound pretty dope and kind of makes up for it although I’m not quite sure what that would entail.

The more and more I listen to this Melly vs. Melvin album the more I’m feeling it. ‘We All Shine’ was one of mytop albums of 2019 with one of my all-time favorites with ‘Ingredients’,  but this might be an even better overall project top to bottom. It’s too bad it came out so late in the year that it missed a lot of the end of year lists and all that. I also feel like I have not heard much about this album and didn’t even know that it was coming out, compared to maybe a year prior when Melly was one of the most talked-about rappers but I guess that is just the nature of the hype and post-hype cycle that music lives in today; I’m paraphrasing Ray Garraty here in that people just treat music as mass consumerism or fast fashion now and gobble up what’s hot one day and then move on to the next trend and never check for the previous artist again. ‘Melly vs. Melvin’ Just filled with bangers on every track. I mentioned Adam Sandler the other day, I’ve been feeling 100K and giving this a ton of plays but my favorite of all might be ‘Bang ‘Bang‘ . And this isn’t even including the Juice WRLD and Glokk9ine features. In an era where albums have kind of become a throwaway or just a bunch of songs thrown together to get streams, this is actually a really well thought-out, carefully put-together, well-crafted album.