Mozzy – Big Homie from the Hood 

Damn I am feeling this one. This is exactly the type of song I have been wanting to hear from Mozzy. This is OG music. ‘Big Homie from the Hood’ is my favorite song by him since Bladahdah. He’s spitting some real knowledge and hard-earned reflections here about being the big homie and the burdens that come with it. This came out in December and I’m just hearing it now but I’m really thinking about going back and giving it a spot on my best of 2019 list.Video of just the local ballgame in his neighborhood is awesome (I love that the two teams in his hood are rocking Red Sox and Phillies gear) and the beat is perfect for this song; so soulful.

“Mama knew I’m hustling can’t say nothing about it, I’m putting food in his fridge and I ain’t ate nothing out it.”

“How you run me out the hood but I’m the one who run it? I’m the one who make sure auntie ‘n ’em don’t want for nothing. I’m the one that motivate ’em baby, ask the youngins, tell ’em re-up with the 20s, stack the hundreds.”