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Rio da Yung OG x Lil E – Touchdown

I’m not sure if this is even a song so much as it’s a conversation between two veterans in the game over a nice beat, but either way, it goes hard and Rio da Yung OG and one of his many cohorts, Lil E, trade some serious bars over ‘Touchdown”. This is off of a new joint project ‘Professional Shit Talking’ with Rio and Lil E, right after Rio also just put out his ‘2 Faced’ tape. I also heard Rio mention somewhere that he has another new project coming out soon called “City on my Back.” Rio’s work ethic is unmatched, he’s like the rap games John Henry, a man outpacing the machines.

“My lil niggas want to kill some opps, I told em stand down.” Lil E is like a wise general, prudently showing some foresight and restraint; playing the long game in the trenches, giving good advice to his young hotheads and telling them to cool down. Frankly the world would probably be a better place if we had more Lil E’s. Between that and “Invest all our money in real estate, fuck a bust down,” I feel like Lil E is one of the most sensible men in rap. And may I just add, it feels refreshing seeing a rapper rocking a hoodie of a local sports team (and a gritty, nasty one at that in Michigan State) instead of some overpriced effeminate-looking designer hoodie.

I loved the “I just dodged a fed case I gotta crack a smile” line, who could argue with that?

“The police hit the crib two times, we bought some more houses”

Rio just goes crazy on this as always; “I got on sandals cooking dope at my hoe’s house, you know this shit finna be good I got my toes out.” So relaxed.

“.308 bullet this bitch’ll go through 4 houses”.

“When I was young I went skating ’cause the hoes was out, I pulled a strap out at the rink and made them roll bounce”. Rio is the grimiest.