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Big Fenc ft. Rio Da Yung OG, Dink, Sid Dawg – Can’t Fall Off 

Obviously this site has been the ‘All Rio All the Time’ 24/7 Rio Da Yung OG coverage channel lately (and rightfully so!), so of course I scoped out this video out to see the Rio verse. But every now and then when you click a video just to hear the artist you want to hear you end up being blessed with an all-time gem from a bunch of other guys you’ve never heard of.

Flint Michigan linking up with Kalamazoo Michigan for one of the dopest songs I have heard in a long time. I’m loving the fuzzy-sounding production of the beat. From the hook, to the production/sample to all 3 verses, everything about this song is on point – Even just the overall message of refusing to fall off. This is real hustle music.

“Bitch I’m the big homie, I can put you on, and I can get a nigga offed if he try to do me wrong” might be one of the hardest lines I’ve ever heard, there’s not much to it but it just sounds so hard. (Big Fenc looks intense, I definitely would not want to ‘do him wrong’ and get on his bad side).”

The hook from Sid Dawg is godly. “Bitch I can’t fall offffff, I’m so up right now, I can throw it all right now. Niggas wanna shine like me, but they can’t grind like me, I can’t fall off”. This hook has me feeling motivated. (I’m feeling the Charles Barkley Rockets jersey too).

Dink’s verse is so dope and just has so much heart. I love the resilience of ‘Bitch I can’t fall off, as long as the stove on, big timer motherfucker I get my roll on.’

‘Bangin’ stone after stone that boy in go mode, gettin cream off that ice nigga, Cold Stone.”

And then Rio comes in as the closer throwing 105 MPH heat. “Nigga up the strap on me and bust he gon die shooting, grip the Glock while I grip the wheel I can drive it and shoot it”

“Bitch I can’t fall off I know I said it once, real hustle – I can’t find the Runts I’m bagging Reggies up”

“I can get a bag gone in Kalamazoo, doggie said he want some horse tranquilizer met him at the zoo.”

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“My nigga Euro keep a laptop he be hacking computers.”

Does Rio ever take a break? No he does not. He’s putting on the whole state here.

The Michigan winter is cold but all 4 of these dudes (not to mention the producer) are firing on all cylinders and bringing some absolute flames.