Cash Click Boog – Mayor

After giving Cash Click Boog’s Extras probably upwards of 50 spins over the last month or so, I think Mayor is the hardest song on the tape, which is saying a lot because I can honestly say that every track on it is a legitimate banger. I’d go as far as to say it may be one of the hardest 1:30’s I’ve ever heard.

Boog just sounds absolutely ruthless on this…

“He dissed Tino in a song he can’t take that back, that means him or his mans gonna have to pay for that, niggas mention my name state the facts, stripped Reesie out his chain, shoulda breaked his hat.” Something about the ‘should have breaked his hat’ sounds so angry and vindictive I love it.

“Free HTL Willy, he a maniac. The block on fire, I’m the one that got blamed for that. Been a killer, niggas act like I can’t relapse. 10 times out of 10 if we came we strapped.” Been a killer, niggas act like I can’t relapse just sounds so evil.

“Out here you either a bum or a cheddar chaser, they say you froze with that cannon you a hesitater. Monte on his way home, go and tell the haters. He only got one more year, like 11th graders. The trap slap so hard, used to scare the neighbors, but there ain’t shit in that bitch just scales and razors, too much money to count, had to scale the paper, I’m the man in my city, I’ll tell the mayor.” Oh my God I feel like I need to go outside and take a break/cool down for a few minutes after I listen to this. Boog really is one of the best in the game right now.