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ALLBLACK ft. Kossiko – 304


ALLBACK is the best. He’s like Oakland’s Dos Equis guy; the most interesting man in rap.

I don’t know who Kossisko is but since ALLBLACK is rocking with him I’m obligated to blindly be down with him, and he glided on the hook here. This beat is wild too but I don’t know who produced it. ALLBLACK looking burly out here with the windbreaker and the taped up wrists. I’m loving the theme and format of the video which made 304 even more fun and took things back to a simpler time. ALLBLACK knows how to make function music; I have a feeling my man the Martorialist is going to love this one if he hasn’t seen it already. We’ve been blessed with a nice feast of fun songs/videos lately and 304 is definitely worthy of that company if not at the top of it.

ALLBLACK is coming out firing with verse of the year material, “Can’t trust hoes, barely can trust my partners. In a Sprinter with 3 Glocks and a mint green chopper. My Cambodian niggas blacker than Barrack Obama. My migo niggas knock the meat out up your enchilada… Y’all know me I just walked down here for carne asada, sour cream extra cheese and a large horchata… Same nigga from the group home drinking UV vodka.”

I love the ‘Pull up whenever wherever like Kerr from the Bulls, stole my granddad’s revolver and took it to school’ line because when you hear it you either think of ALLBLACK or an angry, goth-y suburban teenager. (See ALLBLACK’s verse on Road Run, he seems to be well aware of this dichotomy.) “Had an all black AP that held 32, I’ve been turned up since AIM this fame ain’t new.”

I’ve been rocking with ALLBLACK since Florida Gator last summer, and I’m glad to see he’s gotten bigger and bigger since then, and hopefully this song/video propels him into an even higher stratosphere.