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Wow I have been lazy this month, posting my top songs for July almost halfway through August, and only posting 8 songs instead of 10 but they all slap. I guess better late than never!

ALLBLACK ft. Kosisko – 304


ALLBACK is the best. He’s like Oakland’s Dos Equis guy; the most interesting man in rap.

I don’t know who Kossisko is but since ALLBLACK is rocking with him I’m obligated to blindly be down with him, and he glided on the hook here. (I’ve since been informed by my knowledgeable and discerning readers, Kossisko is the rapper formerly known as the 100s.) This beat is wild too but I don’t know who produced it. ALLBLACK looking burly out here with the windbreaker and the taped up wrists. I’m loving the theme and format of the video which made 304 even more fun and took things back to a simpler time. ALLBLACK knows how to make function music; I have a feeling my man the Martorialist is going to love this one if he hasn’t seen it already. We’ve been blessed with a nice feast of fun songs/videos lately and 304 is definitely worthy of that company if not at the top of it.

ALLBLACK is coming out firing with verse of the year material, “Can’t trust hoes, barely can trust my partners. In a Sprinter with 3 Glocks and a mint green chopper. My Cambodian niggas blacker than Barrack Obama. My migo niggas knock the meat out up your enchilada… Y’all know me I just walked down here for carne asada, sour cream extra cheese and a large horchata… Same nigga from the group home drinking UV vodka.” Like my homie Icebergsweater said, this opening verse was easily one of his favorites of the year, and I couldn’t agree more.

I love the ‘Pull up whenever wherever like Kerr from the Bulls, stole my granddad’s revolver and took it to school’ line because when you hear it you either think of ALLBLACK or an angry, goth-y suburban teenager. (See ALLBLACK’s verse on Road Run, he seems to be well aware of this dichotomy.) “Had an all black AP that held 32, I’ve been turned up since AIM this fame ain’t new.”

I’ve been rocking with ALLBLACK since Florida Gator last summer, and I’m glad to see he’s gotten bigger and bigger since then, and hopefully this song/video propels him into an even higher stratosphere.

Duke Deuce – Yeh 

This is my new favorite/most fun song since Waka, and I’d say up there with Waka if not surpassing it for best choreographed group dance moves as you’ll see around the 0:59 mark or so. Seriously this sideways strut/spin thing they’ve got going on is fucking fire. (I’d say don’t try this at home but helpfully, Duke has a really comprehensive, easy-to-follow tutorial video on it that walks you through it step by step.)

Memphis’ Duke Deuce is kind of reminding me of a 70th Street Carlos but more of an evil twin/more sinister 70th Street Carlos. On ‘Yeh’, Duke pulls off the difficult task of making a song that’s hard as fuck that’s ALSO simultaneously fun and something you’d want to throw on at a party.

I’m absolutely loving the blunt and relatable self-assessment and flow on “Smoking weed at the school getting in trouble with the law, hard-headed ass nigga mama said your ass off, hard-headed ass nigga down their knocking heads off, Daddy found out I was GD damn near knocked my chest off.”

I’d also like to take a moment to salute the eclectic collection of sportswear in this video ranging from the New England Patriots to the more obscure Xavier Musketeers and even the fictional Los Angeles Knights from Like Mike, not to mention even a D Generation X t-shirt.

Definitely one of the songs of the summer so far.

P.S. first saw this on the ole’ reliable DGB.

J Cole, Lute, DaBaby – Under the Sun 

I know what y’all are thinking, this guy has barely posted in like a month and comes back posting a J. Cole song instead of Rich the Factor or CML, did someone kidnap the real Pink C and assume his identity? Rest assured it’s me, because I don’t have that lucrative of an identity to steal.

I’ve never gotten into Cole but I’ll be damned if this ‘Under the Sun’ off of Revenge of the Dreamers 3 isn’t a verifiable banger. Maybe I’m just getting older and softer or maybe this summer weather just has me in a good mood but I’m feeling this. This beat is sounding downright exquisite, all 3 rappers are on point; even Kendrick’s hook is dope. And while Cole and one of his Dreamville footsoliders with Da Baby sounds like a strange mix they come together seamlessly like tres heat-producing North Carolina amigos here. (According to Reddit/Wikipedia etc. the sample is ‘The Argo Singers- How I Love to Call His Name’ and the producers are Christo, Pluss, and Nice Rec).

Upon first listen, without knowing any better I assumed that the either the Cole verse or the Lute verse was Da Baby, and that Da Baby’s verse was one of the first two; what with Cole and Lute rapping about having a couple of guns and their cousin airing out a party for fun, and Da Baby rapping about being in college and smashing college bitches. (I’ve got to check out some more of Lute’s stuff this is the first time I’ve ever heard him).

There are a couple of other nice songs on this album too but I’m still trying to remember which is which with all the features etc. and how they kind of blend together. My one complaint is that this album keeps giving me anxiety when I listen to it on my phone especially during work hours because with the way the songs cut off abruptly/before you expect it I keep thinking that I’m getting a phone call.

I’ve got to give Cole credit he really brought together a pretty impressive list of artists for these Dreamville sessions, with everyone from Rick Ross to Terrace Martin (was Terrace Martin really on this?? Or maybe he’s on one of the songs that hasn’t been released yet). I think if I could choose any 5 artists that weren’t there/weren’t invited to throw into the mix at the recording sessions, off the top of my head, regardless of how realistic it would be, I’d go Peezy, CML/Lavish D, Rich the Factor, let’s get ALLBLACK in there too (of course), and the last spot is a tie between Duke Deuce, 03 Greedo  and Kodak.

ALLBLACK – Little Miami 

I want to go boating with ALLBLACK.

This guy is on a completely different level right now; he’s unstoppable.

DaBaby – Suge 

I’m hella late on DaBaby but between Suge and his verse on the J Cole song I’m coming at you with an unprecedented TWO appearances by DaBaby on this month’s list. I remember Martorialist talking about him when Texas Ranger came out and checking it out and not really seeing what all the buzz was about. It wasn’t until hearing people driving around in my area blasting Suge that he started to grow on me and now I can’t stop playing it. It hadn’t dawned on me just how big DaBaby had gotten until I heard multiple people blasting it in their cars on the same weekend and then checking it out on YouTube and seeing it was in the 100s of millions of views. I’m always favorable to Suge Knight references/homages so DaBaby is preaching to the choir here. I finally checked out DaBaby’s whole album and there were quite a few good songs on it; I have to say he was a lot more lyrical than I expected and he has a good sense of humor; definitely one of the most interesting out of the newer/younger dudes in this style.

Maxo Kream ft. A$AP Ferg – Murda Blocc 

Maxo’s ode to his Murda Blocc is my favorite song off of his’Brandon Banks’ album after a couple of listens through. I don’t know how he made ‘I’m on Murda Blocc from the sun up to the sun down’ sound so catchy but damn it this one stays in your head. “And if you’re looking for me I be with the Forum Park Crips!”

Maxo Kream – Brandon Banks 

Another highlight from Brandon Banks. Maxo going with the Lil Baby/Gunna acoustic guitar-beat angle and doing it very well. I like this video for it with just the audio and no video instead of the other one with the cheap CGI animation!

CML Lavish D – Real As Us

King Lav serving up more red meat to his base. This man delivers pretty much every time.

I don’t know how CML always does it but he always comes up with these simple lines that sound so fire when he says them; “.308s make a nigga Harlem shake, all this pressure I’m applying it’ll make a nigga break.”