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San Quinn – Ain’t Nobody Thugging 

San Quinn has got over 25 years in the game at this point and he’s still putting out heat. This beat is slapping like a San Fran pimp when the money ain’t right. That voice singing the hook is so dope. I love the video too with the shots of the bridge and the waterfront.

“Big wads, new cars, move around with 10 large, for a verse 10 large after this I’m finna charge”

“We ain’t sippin Hen we sippin’ Dom Perignon, move along square nigga let the mob carry on”

I haven’t kept up with this whole ever-evolving Mozzy/CML/Messy Marv/Philthy etc. beef because all the moving parts make it like a multi-generational multi-city Northern California Game of Thrones and your host is too much of a square and doesn’t have the attention span for all that he just wants to enjoy the slaps, but it looks like Lavish D has a cameo here so I guess San Quinn is down with him. Wouldn’t mind getting a remix of this with Lavish on here and maybe a couple of Frisco rappers – dare I suggest Berner anyone?