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Birdman x Juvenile – Back Then 

The Juvenile/Birdman reunion tour is back again and now they’re 3 for 3. D-Rock with some nice production again. I’m not going to front I’m not feeling this one as much as the first two but it still goes. This might be the longest and best verse Birdman has rapped in years and his hook is fire. Would I be getting too greedy asking for a fourth installment in this series?

“88 in the projects we had it all, 100 g’s of bake flake we cook it all, block bumpin, we real niggas, we kill em all”

“Cops pulled us over they was looking for a job wanted to know if we were hiring?” That’s definetley a power move when cops are pulling you over trying to get a job with you, but in Cash Money’s prime, they definitley didn’t need a cop as a bodyguard when they had BG with them!

P.S. Whose the dude sitting next to Birdman in the car?