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This song has me feeling like me, Berner, Dolph, and Amp just won a big, hard-fought battle in an enemy city and we’re now realizing it’s over and it was costly, but we gave it our all, we won, and we’re all still here and we’re all good. We’re taking our masks/helmets/visors off and putting our guns down and we’re just triumphantly looking around and surveying the carnage and taking it all in, looking at each other and giving a knowing nod to our brothers in arms. Or we just won a championship and Berner hit the winning 3 at the buzzer against all odds and now we’re all just basking in the glow of knowing we achieved glory.

I was already singing the praises of Berner & Dolph’s collaboration project ‘Tracking Numbers’ because ‘Knuckles’, the first track they leaked from it, was already easily one of my favorite songs of the year. Little did I know that by the time this 8 track mixtape was over that another song from it would be right up there with Knuckles as one of my favorite songs, and beats, of the year. The beat for this one is so triumphant and honest and perfectly captures the ‘Win Big’ mantra. I have to find out who came up with this beat. Berner is like Jameis Winston right now; he’s been around for a couple of seasons but now he’s entering his prime and ready to take the league by storm.

All 3 guys are on point with their contributions on ‘Win Big’. Berner comes in right off the bat with a lot of swagger; we’re barley 30 seconds in and he’s already throwing shade at Kanye and talking about how Yeezys aren’t good enough for his feet. ‘Believe me, I could move 100 packs easy, LV’s on my feet ’cause I don’t rock Yeezys’. I don’t know if he’s really taking a shot at Kanye or not but I would like to at least pretend that he is – that’s the mark of a man that knows he’s on fire and can’t miss right now, just taking a swing at one of the biggest names in the game. And honestly I would say that Berner is better than Kanye anyway.

Dolph kills it on the chorus with his booming delivery and confident, slow southern swagger. “Got one life to live. Zero f*cks to give… Smoke another P count another mil…wake up every morning can’t believe this sh*t real, WAKE UP EVERY DAY LIKE HOW’D I GET HERE?” In addition to the chorus, the Paper Route Emperor himself than channels the spirit of in-his-prime Gucci Mane for one of his best verses to date. Not to be outdone, frequent Berner fellow-traveler Ampichino contributes a really solid, workmanlike verse in typical Ampichino fashion at the end, highlighted by an unexpected Trump reference.

‘Win Big’ might be my new go-to song before any challenging high-stakes situation like job interviews etc. because it has me glowed up and feeling like Al Davis. Just win baby.